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Lower Back Pain

My husband has severe pain in his lower back. He says it feels like a pintched nerve.  This is the second time he gets it.  He's been taking Advil for the pain and been putting ice hot but it doesnt help much. Is there something he can take for the pain? Its fraustrating to him because it affects his work (he's a driver).
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I did mention Flexeril and Neurontin too. I took Flexeril at night only (lowest dose) and the first three weeks I was extremely tired all day and even sleep walked during the day for a minute or so and hurt myself. I meant for him to use Flexeril only for a couple of days when he is layed up and not going anywhere. But flexeril does get better after a few weeks but then the pain relieving/muscle relaxing part of it goes away and it becomes a sleep aid. As for Neurontin I took that too and it makes you very sleepy at first too and dopy in the sense that you can think too clearly. The rest of what I said above is the same. I'm not sure if Lyrica makes you tired too but it has other side effects as well. I don't know whether to take it or not either.
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I wouldn't recommend opioid medication for your husband since he is a driver.  He has a commercial driver's license, right?  If so, the requirements to maintain that license is strict and they don't allow commercial drivers to be under the influence of any medications that may impair his driving.  If he is at home for a couple of days, he could try to take prescribed opioid medications during that period of time when he is not driving.

The neurontin is a very effective medication and I am prescribed this medication.  However, initially it can make you dizzy and cause drowsiness.  All of which can impair his driving.  Flexeril also has this same effect.  However, both of these drugs can be taken at night.  Additionally, the full daily dose can be taken all at once at night before bedtime for both of these meds.  This would be a great way for him to get relief while he is off the road and asleep so that he can drive with less pain during the day.  However, you need to request that the doctor prescribe one of the above meds to be taken all at bedtime. I don't think you can take the full daily dose of BOTH the neurontin and flexeril at bedtime, it needs to be one or the other.  He may feel somewhat groggy in the mornings but that effect usually wears off within a couple of hours or so.

If he hasn't had a MRI done yet, I would recommend that you have him get this done as it will open the door to more treatment options like epidural injections that can be very effective for certain abnormalities found due to degenerative disc disease.  The injections will not impair his driving at all.  

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Has he had an MRI to determine if it really is a pinched nerve? Usually, decompressed disks will cause a pinched nerve or a pinched peripheral nerve like the facet joints when they get depressed have periperphal nerves coming off of them. The ice will help with inflammation. YOu can also try NSAID's and get a muscle relaxant like Flexeril. If it only lasts for a few days you can have him take Tramadol or Vicadin (but only for a few days). If the pain is there for long perioids of time then drugs that help neuropathies like neurontin or Lyrica may help. I don't usually recommend physical therapy but after the has gone down and if it is disk decompression there are some stretching exercises he can do daily that will help with the decompression. My brother in law has this and it has helped him a lot.
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What do you mean by “decompression” or “decompressed nerves”? Thanks!
The correct term is nerve compression (not decompression) “The nerve compression syndrome can occur when there's pressure on nerves in the peripheral nervous system term is nerve compressions.” ( Cleveland Clinic)
Spinal Decompression Therapy helps compressed nerves.
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that sux and I am sorry to hear that. I am and have been in a similar situation myself. I am not a doc or anything but I have 6 or 7 ruptured discs in my back. My last mri actually listed the ones that were ok as the list was shorter that way. If he cant or wont get medical help and perscription pain meds, aleve might help. If he doesnt want opiates but can get scripts then neurontin might help. It helps with nerve pain. I take it as I have nerve damage in my spine. I also take oxycodone and the 2 of them work well together for me.
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What is the difference between “ruptured”, “herniated” “bulging” discs? I’m so confused. An MRI’s show that I have herniated amd bulging discs. I’ve never been told I have “ruptured” discs. Is that just another term for herniated?
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