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Has anyone been prescribed lyrica?  I have, and have had great results with it for nerve pain in my right arm and hand.

Opinions, please.  My two other posts with more description vanished, so I will leave with this lol.    mandi
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I'm sorry that your other posts vanished. That happens sometimes.
I don't have any experience myself with Lyrica but I do know a few other people who have taken it for nerve pain with great results.
Do you have a diagnosis for the pain in your arm and hand? The more we know the better we can help.
I'm glad to hear this medication is helping with your pain. I'm sure your Dr has told you it can have side effects. All medications can have side effects. If you have any that are unusual or something that your Dr did not mention make sure to contact him.
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thanks, remar

I am taking it because I have a pinched nerve in my neck.  The pain started slowly and my pain med(oxycodone) would not touch the pain.  Starting at the top of my right arm the pain shoots down to my elbow (that is were the pain is the worse.  My wrist aches and my fingers are very stiff and the pain and tigling are unreal.

I ngnwas reluctant to start because I researched the med and all the potential complications.  He started me on 75mg twice a day.  It was such a blessing.  The pain is actually almost gone after torturing me for too lo
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Lyrica, when used by a knowledgeable physician, is an effective medication for nerve pain (and fibromyalgia).

You are getting great results from a low dose. Normal dose is 450mg / day.

However, the body can become accustomed to Lyrica at these doses, and withdrawal-like symptoms have been experienced.

Stay at the low dose for as long as you can.
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IThanks Philnor,

I sure hope this keeps on working well.  I waited for a long time before talking with my pm about this pain.  My pain meds were not working at all for this nerve pain and it sure was interfering with my sleep.  I was miserable.

I will take your advice about trying to stay on a low dose for as long as possible.  Thanks to all of the posts here I am getting more aware of the dangers of opiates and other meds used for PM
I am working on the best plan for the type of pain I have.  I don't feel quite so alone when I see others with similar problems and the way they cope.

Sure wish I didn't have to worry about all this stuff! (don't we all?)lol
Thanks again            mandi
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How long did you take the lyrica before you had relief?  I have pain in my upper back down mt arm and tingling from my elbow down to my left hand where half of my hand in numb, no strength and fingers very stiff.
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Hi dcombs,

Just speaking for myself, I can honestly say I had immediate relief from the lyrica.  I was upped from 75mg to a 100mg, twice a day.  It helps tremendously!!

It may be that your condition is more progressed than mine.  I have ddd in my back and neck.  There is a pinched nerve in my neck that causes pain and numbness in my hand and arm.

Check back with your dr and see if he wants to up your dose, or maybe do something completely different for your issues.  Living with chronic pain is hard to live with daily.  I hope your dr can help you with the pain you are facing.  Best wishes to you.         mandi
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Hello Dcombs,


I take Lyrica also. I had immediate relief with it. I take 75mg three times a day. Some days I can get by with just two.

Recently I had neuritis in addition to my usual nerve pain and it was upped - it took higher doses and longer to be effective with the acute neuritis. I think the effectiveness depends on the severity and of your pain - and the dosage.

I am taking myself back down on dosage as the withdrawals can be frightening and are difficult. That said - it worked better than my opiate. Please keep us updated.

Best of Luck,
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