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Anyone take this med? I called it on Saturday and forgot to pick it up due to child illness. I have been on it for a month or two. I just plain forgot. Kids come first. So, i had been off of it for 2 days, maybe, and I went upstairs to check on my daughter and I felt like a taser-gun like shock in my back and my legs hurt and then went to sleep(numb). I sat down and it went away. I done that all day yesterday but I could sit down before they went numb. Is this because of the Lyrica or id I just reinjure myself?
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I have taken Lyrica since shortly after it was approved by the FDA as a pain management drug for shingles pain.  The drug does help me in making the pain of shingles more tolerable and I do not receive any side effects of the drug. Before Lyrica was approved by the FDA my pain with shigles was very severe. I was taking Lortab in a high dosage to help manage the pain, which is an addictive drug. Although I still take Lortab but in a much lower dosage and Lyrica my shingles pain is reduced to a tolerable level.  I hope that in time the nerves that were damaged by shingles will heal. Please note, however, Lyrica is filtered through the kidneys and in the beginning of usage of Lyrica I was on the near maximum allowed dosage of Lyrica and it resulted in near kidney shut down as reported to me by my Neptrologist (kidney specialist).  It seems then that a managed dosage of Lyrica to match individual tolerance can help in the management of pain.  It sure helps me with shingles pain management.      DrHeart
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One additional thing Angel75.  I want you to know, I am not a Doctor of any sorts.  Please do not be misled by my Screen name.  I am but another patient suffering from pain of a different kind than yours but what we do have in common is the use of the drug Lyrica.   DrHeart
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If you go to the dr. and tell them, they don't know because it is too new. I neeeded some feedback from a personal experience. Oh, this drug has definitely been a life-changer! I too, am on Lortab but I have been able to slash my dose in half! I have made a lot of changes in the past few months so I couldn't really pinpoint where the improvement was. I have suffered from tension headaches for years. I was being treated for that when my doc made s startling discovery. I have ADD! I went in to treatment for that. I have started a new job and have been in PT, and of course, the addition of Lyrica. After being off of it for 2 days I have made the discovery, it IS the Lyrica. Not only that, but I have no headaches anymore! I Hvae weaned myself off of the Xanax I take at night and have to take no pain meds for my head! Lyrica is a Godsend! I know there are side effects but I will take them! Not unless one of them is death and then I would have to think about it!...I am just kidding!
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There is a trade off in using Lyrica, like almost any pain medication. I was taking it for severe arthritis in my spine, which causes numbness and pain down my leg but I was taking a lower dose than my dr wanted. Then I developed trigeminal neuritis, which for a year I believed was due to a bad tooth, and my dr increased my dose. This time I complied, because the pain in my face brought me to my knees.

I take 300 mg a day. It makes me feel a little dopey. It slows my response time and makes me clumsy. It makes me sleepy.

However, the face pain is totally gone. The leg pain is much less frequent, now mostly reduced to numbness in my foot. When your pain begins to disable you, you have these choices to make. At least I am on my feet and functioning for my family.
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i SUFFER FROM CHRONIC back pain and neck . I take 20 mg of oxycontin  in the am and again in the pm before bed  and a perc or two during the day.  dr suggeste I try  lyrica. . .  what  amount should I try from others practical experience so I can begin weaning myself off oxy   forgot what she suggested to start  when I got hem a few months ago  and didnt take them because I have multicystic kidney disease which is stable and my nephrologist says it is ok to take lyrica jerry
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For the past 4 years I had Trigeminal Neuralgia (pain in my face) I had a little procedure where the Dr put some heat on my facial nerve and burn some of the layers that are sending the pain signal to the brain...well, that was succesful for almost three years but the pain started coming back...The Dr said that because of my age (I'm 31 now) the nerve healed kind of quick. I opted for repeat the procedure but my new insurance did't covered so he put me on Lyrica...and the pain is completly gone!!!!! Amen! to that :o) I have no side effects (except a little weight gain) BUT I was planning on become pregnant and I can't do it under the medication...I have been out of it for about 10 days and I still feel fine but I'm SO scare of the pain that I went and got some more...he prescribed 50mg 3 times a day and that's when the pain stopped and for about 2 months I've been taking it 1 time a day, and is just great!!  I just have to figure out what to do so my husband and Ican have a baby!!!
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Lyrica has also helped me alot....I had Guiilain-Barre Syndrome in 1995 and still suffer from residual nerve pain in my legs...sometimes its very bad. I had different medicines for years that didnt really work but I went to a new neuro about 4 months back....she put me on small amount of Vicodin daily and gradually upped me to 300/mg of Lyrica a day....so far it has been a tremendous help. I havent had any of the horrible side effects I heard about. The very sharp pain of water hitting my legs (in a shower or pool) is gone, and alot of the nerve pain has improved.
I am also worried about the pregnancy thing, though...my wife an I are going to try next year. Because I read specifically this is a problem so I actually called the drug company & they said to wait until the Lyrica was out of your system for at least 6 months.....so I am going to have to stop the Lyrica early 2008....hopefully the results wont be to harrowing~!
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I am new to this medication also.  My doctor won't prescribe pain medication for long periods so he prescribed me Lyrica.  It is definately helping with my pain but I am loopy and drowsy at work.  I hope it's because it's new and my body will adjust.  I was reading the side effects on a different website that said it causes edema usually in the face.
I had neck surgery in 2004, they put in a spacer and a titanium plate.  I had no pain for 6 months and was back to work in 4 days after the surgery.  6 months later the vertabraes above and below are bulging and herniated.  In my low back I have on herniated and one bulging and a tear in the sack of my spinal column.  Lyrica is helping me tremendously right now, I just hope it's not like the pain medication and my build a a tolerance to it.
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I took Lyrica for only a couple of days, and my knee swelled couldn't walk, drs didn't know what was wrong. Quit taking it, swelling went down, everything back to normal
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I have been on Lyrica for about 2 months. I have FM  It has been a real life saver for me.  My Dr. started me out on a low dose and then gradually increased it.  I am now on 450mg a day. I do not have any more facial pain and my pain is under control.  I was having to take 5 Vicodin a day, now I take maybe 1 a day and some days none.  I have a little problem with drowsiness in the morning when I am at work but it passes.  I ran out of my medicine for about 4 days and I felt horrible.  I will never do that again. Stay with it.  
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I hear this is a good med , but ive been put on lyrica , and cymbalta.... honestly after u read the side effect's list compared to the ''opoid med's'' the dea is so scared of it makes me laugh...

Take a moment and look at the number of side effect's on these med's vs ANY opiate based med
( which side effect's include some sedation , constipation , possible dependence)

While these med's have close to 40-50 Side effect's listed , honestly these new med's they call great new fms drugs etc , i wouldnt give them do my dog. ( thoughts of suicide... thats rich.)
And guess what as with any chemical , it has a liability of dependence....imagin that.

To me the newfound drug's of the ''future'' is massive $$$$$ for goverment/docs/ etc etc , collecting on our own blissful ignorence , Until they find the ''Great cure'' .

(Opoid's 3500 year's usage in the medical feild all over the world , lyrica/cymbalta etc what 6 years and running?) One more thing i read today that made me fall over was ''The doctors of the future will not use medicine''  Not in my lifetime!!! lol.... everyone need's there money and that is what drive's them to keep making the Possible Cure for u :)
          P.S i know some of u will see some of this as a level of ignorence , and some of u will understand my point , why heal a person or aliviate all of there pain? Theres no money in it!!!

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Karol a lot of cures will come in the form of drugs. Diseses like what I have (MS) cures would come in a drug that can be absorbed by the brain. It could replace a chemical out of 100s in the brain. This would halt further damage and then lesson or halt the need for pain management and drugs.

Just in recent years they have learned discovered chemicals in the brain and how it works as far as pain receptors. Nobody will lose any money as we will still have to pay out the ying yang.

Im an American Indian that was fortunate to have learned a lot from a cousin who knew much about healing. She was (she passed away) not against modern medicine. She felt man created a lot of diseses so man will have to cure them. I now am old and see she had a good point.

The real cure for a lot of diseases will be preventing them. We still dont know what causes fibro or MS along with a host of ailments. At this point of my life I wonder if its worth living in such pain and trying to up meds again and again. I feel useless. I also am well read and worked in medical related jobs for years. I do see a lot of cures in our near future. They may not be what we dream of but ending pain would be a answer to our prayers. Safer treatment that gets to the cause and not the symptoms.

The ones that do come up with thease miracle drugs will also profit. Some people dedicate there life to one idea that may never pan out. Who are we to judge that person if he profits after a life long work?. Since I know just how important living a quality life is, I can appreciate those who spend there entire life to gain some new understanding that will lead to cure diseses. A lot never get the reconision for there work.

Keep the faith, and by the way, Lyrica has worked very good for me. Its not a cure all for my neuropathic pain but its dependable, has helped me a lot. I take it 45 mins before I get out of bed, I go back to sleep quickly so I dont feel the extreme pain from moving. When my second alarm goes off 45 mins later I can get up and walk to the bathroom without falling, crying, pain from inhaleing deeper and expanding my chest. Instead I just moan a bit LOL till I ajust to amblitory mode.

This in itself was very welcomed since I would be afraid to go to bed just because of waking up in such pain.
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