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Wet feeling down both legs and sometimes feels numb or wet in groin area.  
Feels like nerve twinges that happen at different places in my body.  
Terrible back pain, sore spot, swelling that makes sitting or standing hard sometimes.  They say I have a bulging disc.  
Swelling that takes place behind my right knee/leg area after sitting for too long.  
Tailbone feels bruised constantly.  
Nerve going down each but cheek hurts at different times.  
Bottoms of feet hurt so bad sometimes that I can barely walk.  
I get so tired that I feel like I could fall asleep sitting up.
Horrible pain that shoots from my neck into my collar bone area that I explain as if it were to feel like it is broken.  
A spot on the left side of my neck that swells and hurts horribly.  When it swells, it feels like something is stuck under my tongue and pushing up under it.  
I get so tired that I get nauseous and start feeling dizzy.  
Couple of weeks ago I got flu or food poisoning type symptoms and I felt like my entire world was flipped upside down...never had such a feeling of not knowing which way was up.  
The spot in your ear where it dips down where your earlobe starts hurts to the touch.  
Sometimes I have a feeling like my shirt is too tight under my left armpit and also have a feeling on my left side of my groin like my underwear are too tight.  
I had terrible bleeding issues with my menstrual cycle, bleeding pretty much for 2 years, and finally just went ahead with a hysterectomy after multiple biopsies.  
Sometimes get little squiggles in my vision and it makes it to where I can’t see right.
Gained weight
Chest feels tight
Heart beat feels like it beats very hard sometimes…it moves my entire body while sitting
Sometimes my upper body feels itchy.

I have been going to doctors for 4 years now off and on....just started going to a therapist yesterday because I just don't know what to do anymore.  I am now back to square one with my doctor telling me to go to a ENT.  This is where I started 4 years ago.
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Hello MecyMe. Welcome to the forum.. I agree with Jinx that you should see a Dr. about your tongue especially while the symptoms are on going.. I had a gland in my neck that became impacted It made under my tongue swell so much that I could not eat. They had to remove the gland in my neck.. Your description reminded me of that. also the bulging disk would explain the pain down the legs as Sciatica. the swelling behind the knee sounds like a bakers cyst that gets inflamed from sitting is what is bothering your knee, Mine does if I ride a bike. as far as the other pains in the neck I have stenosis a narrowing of the spinal corridor This causes nerves to be pressed that effects many parts of our body.. From our stomachs to our ability to urinate, It causes a lot of problems in areas we would not think possible.. I experience many of the same symptoms as you and this is what I have been told by my Dr.s. I also had a hysterectomy due to heavy bleeding I gained weight after.. medically induced menopause can also cause all kinds of problems. It is so sudden. Anyway I just wanted to let you know you are not alone and that I'm sorry to read that they have you starting over for answers It is always difficult when we have multiple problems all we can do is try to deal wit them the best we can. I wish you well, lesa
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you need to see a doctor. the twitching is concerning and tongue issues.  i would get to a doctor soon. while you are symptomatic.  
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