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Medication for severe back leg and nerve pain

I have been having acute back and nerve pain for many years, after a failed spinal operation. I am currently taking 50 Mcg.patches of Fentayl plus 50 Mgs of Tramadol.. 4 times a day.  My primary care doctor has now prescribed adding 50 mg of Lyrica, twice a day.  

Can I start the Lyrica while still on the patches and Tramadol and How can I reduce the Tramadol while continuing Fentayl with the Lyrica with minimalTramadol withdrawal symptoms.

Marilyn (Mare3987)  
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Thanks so much Femmy  I will be seeing my doctor tomorrow and discuss your comments.
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Hi Marilyn,

I was on Tramadol for 4 years before being switched to stronger medicines.  How long have you been taking the Tramadol?

My doctor replaced 1/2 of my daily Tramadol dose with Vicodin and I continued that for a year.  I did get very uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms from the Tramadol when that switch was made.  However...

My doctor a year later completely took me off the Tramadol and replaced it with Morphine ER with Percocet for break through pain and I had no withdrawal symptoms from stopping the Tramadol at all!!!  By the way, when I stopped the Tramadol completely, I was taking the same amount as you per day.

The amount of Fentanyl you are on is stronger than the starting dose of  Morphine that I was on when I stopped taking Tramadol.  And, the fentanyl dose is much much stronger than the Tramadol so I don't think you should get any withdrawal symptoms.  

I would just try to not take it anymore and see how it goes.  But first and foremost make sure your doctor is okay with this.

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