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Methadone RX

Junig, MD and shellslove
Ihad haalf my brain damaged in a car accident, now I have severe migranes, tremmors, confusion, severe short term memmory issues, aand lots of pain.
I have been on/off RX for 9 years,for the past 5 years I have been on a methadone meaintnece program with councelng, urine tests,ect I use to have to go everyday to get meth. to take the edge off of pain, anxiety, now I go 2 times a month.
I want to get prescribed my methadone, not go to a clinic
Any suggestions on how to find a doctor to help me in the Raeford n.c. area?
And what to say to the MD, there  not listnening and just saying sorry, no I don't want the hassel of you as a patient, basicly
Is there any specific resources  I can acsess to find doctors who prescribe methadone already?
Please help
thank you

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you are in the wrong forum.  this is for people wanting to get OFF meds not find a place to get them.  maybe try the pain management forum
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Um, this IS the Pain Management Community. This is NOT for people looking to get off meds.
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NerdGirl19 is correct -- this forum is for pain issues and is not an addiction or substance abuse forum. There are other places for those subjects here on medhelp.
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No MRI/ Specialist confirmed pain-causing Injury, or other condition that calls for long term medical treatment for pain ?: NO 30-Day METHADONE Precription !!  At least thats how it is here in Pennsylvania currently.  The only other way You get a 30 day sply. is thru an Addiction Treatment Facility (Govt. Apprvd., Regulated) IF and WHEN the powers-that-be (docs., nurses, and councellors) approve an individual for TAKE-HOME privileges.  Again, this is here in Penna.  I am speaking as a chronic pain Mngmnt. client who has been on methadone for an inoperable lower back injury for over 20+ years now !
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So was I (20yr; 10 on Oxycontin, Oxy IR, and 10 on Methadone 10mg;  60mg daily- was 90mg daily till 2014 when my Pain Mngmnt. Dr. cut me to 60).  I started a weaning in Sept., 2018 and had last dose Dec., 2018 and am now almost 90 days off opting to try acupuncture w/ P.T. after consulting with my family Practitioner (M.D.).  *** REASON:  got sick of the constipation and water retention; most noticeable in my legs.  Also was treating @ Paoli for CLL, among other health issues.
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Can I ask why you’re on a methadone maintenance program? Have you had an addiction in the past? If so, it could be difficult to find a physician to prescribe any type of opiate to you. There are doctors out there, however, that are capable of doing so safely if your condition warrants the use of pain medications. Do you have a primary physician that could suggest/refer you to a pain management clinic that may be able to help? Most Pain Management clinics require a referral and testing/proof of diagnosis these days. Unfortunately, with so many people abusing opiates, doctors are required to be very careful what they’re prescribing and to whom. I’m in another state so I cannot help with the name of a clinic/doctor, but if I were you, I would ask one of your current physicians for a referral and make an appt to speak to them. Good luck!
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I just realized this original post is old...never mind hahahs
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