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Methadone prescription, fibromyalgia

Does anyone know a Dr that can prescribe methadone in MN or on Los Angeles?
Ihave been forced to go to a treatment center for 2 yes now. I am not an addict,
And believe I know addiction very well.
I have been forced to do the pee tests and all the other **** the treatment center requires. The reason I have been allowed to stay at true clinic is because I state that I am an addict to pain mess and the side effect of methadone is pain relief. The minute I say I am only taking methadone for pain relief they kick me out. I can't afford the $400 dollars they charge either. I need a prescripion and my family Dr. Won't have ANYTHING to do with me. I travel all the time and am forces to save bottles and works around my allowed takeout amount. It has cost me many jobs and lying about being an addict is frustrating at best. I have never had a bad UA by the way.LOL my husband has been in recovery for 5 yes now, and we both laugh at times about the BS I have to put up with to beth this questionable but helpfull drug.
Please help me find a doctor so I can pay for some groceries and get out of this treatment center.
If anyone can help please contact me.
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We dont give out doctors names on the forum ,have you looked at the pain mangement forum.
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The Pain Forum is about giving advise to members in pain. Unfortunatley, I think you're on you're own when it comes to finding medication. I don't think MedHelp endoses this.

I also think that it is up to a Doctor or professional to prescribe Methadone.

Take care,
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Ialready have been on it for two years. I just hate
The route I have to take to get it. That's all.
Thank you
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Hi DD,

If I understand your post you are looking for a physician that will understand your pain and prescribe a pain medication that works for you. Am I correct? I think that point may have been missed.

I do not know any physicians in your area. Unfortunately you may have labeled yourself by going to a methadone clinic. You may be hard pressed to convince an medical provider otherwise. I think you are may be in a pickle, as my grandmother would have said.

I would suggest that you try another PCP or a PMP, depending on the rules and regulations in your state. It is not helpful if your PCP is not understanding, supportive or have diagnosed the condition that is causing your pain.

Good luck to you. Please let us know how you are doing. There may be other members that will offer better suggestions. Peace, Tuck
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I guess I don't understand why you would be sent to a Methadone Clinic by ??? in the first place. Did the Doctor send you there? Was there other drug use involved? You say that if you were to tell them that you were taking the Methadone for pain, that they would kick you out. What was the reason you were sent to the clinic?

I thought I'd ask as it might clear a few things up. Maybe by explaining the situation further you might receive more help from you Doc or even here.
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I took methadone for 3 years for Fibromyalgia. Luckly I am a VA vet so they mailed me 20mg a day in one months supply for $8. It stopped working so well. I went off of it cold turkey (some people don't recommend that) and had very mild agitation, little sleep and wierd dreams for about 5 days. After that I was off of it. I switched to Lyrica. seems to work better than methadone. If you have not taken methadone as suscribed then you might have to taper off of it. If you have a problem please give the pills to someone you can trust to dish them out to you, and if you feel you want to argue with them, stop and meditate how good you future is going to be off this grip of methadone. Be carefull with Lyrica because rarely you can get life threating rashes. Take it easy on Lyrica because it is additive to benzos.
Good Luck!
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At the Alaska VA in Anchorage the Doctor had to talk me into taking methadone. I was a little scared because of possable addiction. I called the Doctor after 3 years and told him I was getting off of it. He was bewildered because he said most people call him to stay on it. Anyway the point is Doctors should screen their patients for additive behavor and if everything is okay, they should not give into the stigma of methadone as an addiction medicine and not a pain treatment medicine. Humans have the right to use what modern medicine has to offer to have a better quality of life. Life is too short to go through it in pain that is unnessary. Most Doctors are scared to manage pain with enough medicine because of loosing their license through our (I repeat) our government. Something has to change. I found methadone is hardly additive at all and is a good pain control medicine. I hope someday the government officials and Doctors will quit being paranoid,
Good luck!
Good Luck!
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