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I suffer from chronic migraines! Now they've become more frequent. As of now Ive had a migraine for 7 straight days! Its horrible!!! Ive taken Demerol, imitrex, tylenol/cod., Ibuprofen (with caffeine), tomamax...on and on.
can someone please suggest, or give me some feed back !
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i've suffered from migraines and headaches for awhile and had a similar situation once when i couldn't get rid of it for four days... They tried every migraine med, pain med, they could think of and then realized i was having a bad tension headache and all of the migraine meds were actually making it worse, something about making the muscles more ridged. anyway they finally gave me a muscle relaxer and lots of pheneragan, cuz doc also said sometimes the only way to break the cycle of these damn things is with sleep....... i was going to tell you to try the ibuprofen, aspirin, an caffeine thing but seems like you already have. try a muscle relaxer or chiropractor if you can get to one in the morning.... good luck
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I used to have migraines all the time for years and they never really found anything that worked or was wrong with me. I kind of grew out of the aging them as frequently as I did. Simetimes for me it's very difficult to tell what type of headache I'm having and it will take a few days before I actually wind up taking the right med to get rid of it. Like the above post mentions a muscle relaxer is a great idea, it's worked for me in the past. Sometimes I will use Advil cold and sinus even though I don't feel like I've got a sinus headache sometime I'm surprised and it ends up working and I didn't even realize it was sinus related. Ice packs and lots of sleep in a dark room until you find what is going to work for you I think is the answer. I find sometimes I'm fooled by what type of headache I really have. My doc has always told me If the migraine meds don't work on your headache it's not a migraine. Hope you get to feeling better soon!
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