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Mistery Chronic Lower Left Quad Pain

I'm 31 and have had a chronic pain in my lower left abdomen for almost 4 years, it started after my C-section and I was diagnosed with endometriosis after having a colonoscopy, and endoscopy. I have since had a hysterectomy and got addicted to pain meds. So I still have the chronic pain and no diagnosis I am currently on suboxon and tapering down every 4 weeks. my husband is convinced its my body craving drugs but I don't think that. I cant live like this it is interfering in my daily life. I try to walk every day and stay active but this is really depressing me and I feel like I'm losing my mind.
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Hi. Did they do anything for your endometriosis as even after hysterectomy there can still be some endo deposits left, this will cause pain and also scar tissue can cause a lot of pain.
I think you should go to your gynaecologist and request an investigation into your pain.
I would be inclined to think it is one of the above reasons and not the withdrwal of the pain killers. Keep tapering down as you are and that will be one battle won.
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Also have them check for additional adhesion's. I've known people who had severe endo that weren't helped by a hysterectomy, so don't give up, keep pushing for answers. Good luck and let us know how things go for you.
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Thank u, when I had my hysto she removed all "visible" adhesions of endo, I feel like I never get relief from it, I even had a consult with an endo expert and he said its unlikely endo up that high and that its all muscular, but even when I was in the best shape of my life I still ad the pain.
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Are you constipated? This can cause severe pain.
I would speak with your GP and don't give up until you get answers. Tell him/her exactly how this pain is effecting you and you life and that you want to find out the cause of it. good luck.
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No I'm very regular, always been
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It must be very frustrating to get people to take your pain seriously considering your background. I would do the "squeaky wheel gets the grease" method to get people to actually listen and really hear you. I wish you all the best, and take care.
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Thank u I'm doing my best considering, I tell them I don't want pils to mask the pain I want a diagnosis to fix it! It's no fair I get to relief and I get support form my GP but this small area is limited on good resources and experienced doctors
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