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Morphine Sulfate ER 60MG q12 hrs. W/ Oxycodone 15MG BID

I've been on this combonation of Meds for 2 years. Pain relief is just okay. If I'm active at all, i.e.: bath, wash hair, fix hair, dress, make-up THEN I can't go where I need to go for UP pain level n have to lie town on ice or just lie down. The other problem is this medication has made me SO LAZY. I don't want to do anything. I've been on medication off. On since I was 30 n I'm 60 years old. I have a messed up spine.  I just don't want to go into all that is wrong, but it's from C-spine to L-spine last disc space. Multiple surgeries. Diagnosed w DDD at 26, had my first unsuccessful surgery at 26. My entire life has been affected. I have major issues w depression, but my complaint here is the
LAZY-NESS!!!!! I have been on every opiate combonation there is n I've NEVER been so sedentary as with this Morphine. Does anyone relate.
Thank you much
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Hopefully Tuck will comment as well. I've been using 60 mg MS twice a day, plus the break through meds. I have a very unusual combination of diseases. I have never felt the slightest abnormal symptom from the high dosage, but we are all very, very different. Some meds are perfect for some, and a curse for others. You need a good PMP to guide you wrt your disease and your metabolism. It's a tricky business and there are not enough good PMP's to go around. When I use these meds, it allows me to be functional,  which I am absolute greatful for. Hope you find the right combo.
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Hello and Welcome to our Community. Excuse me for not seeing your post sooner. I'm having some problems navigating our new format. Sorry!

I wholeheartedly agree with fntn's comments. Our bodies respond differently to different opiates or any medication. It's how we metabolize the medication that determines - in part - how we respond or even how effective one medication is over another. This is even more true with a combination of medications, which applies in your case.  

Some ppl find one opiate makes them groggy or sluggish while another person taking the same opiate will not have that experience. I don't think it's the necessarily the Morphine or the Oxycodone - it's how your system is responding to them - and possibly the combination.  

So what does this all mean for you? I'd have a good long discussion with your prescribing provider. Ask if you can try a different combination of opiates. Maybe changing the SA med (oxycodone) to something like hydrocodone will be a better fit for you. Or changing the LA (long acting) Morphine. When I was on Oxycodone SA (short acting) it did effect my activity levels. I was somewhat groggy. Indeed I even found myself a bit depressed.

The object in Pain Management is obviously to best control your pain - but not at the price you are paying. You deserve to enjoy life's activities to the best of your ability. You should not have to deprive yourself.  Consider this, if you have to lay down and rest after just getting ready to go somewhere - it sounds as if you currently don't have adequate pain management. Changing opiates may change that alone. Some times increasing the short acting opiate and decreasing the long acting can help - or vise versa.

I would also discuss this with my Pharmacist - in preparation of a chat with my Provider. Pharmacists are the experts in medications. They often have much more knowledge than Physicians in that area. We forget to ask them pertinent medication questions - when often they hold the best answers.    

I hope you'll discuss this with your provider - and I hope you'll let us know how you are doing. I'll look forward to hearing more from you. You don't have to wait to chat with your provider to let us how you are. We're here to support one another. I hope you'll take advantage of that fact.  As we journey through this thing called pain management I think it's comforting to share with others - in the same situation - the many challenges we encounter. I hope you'll find that to be true also.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Take Care,
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