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Morphone Sulfate and appeitie

Does Morphine sulfate suppress your appetite?  I am going through a lot of stress and depression these past few months but I have also started take new pain medicine (morphine sulfate) and I am trying to figure out what is going on because I do not have an appetite.

Thank you
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When i first started narcotics in general, I lost my appetite. It will come back as you get used to the medication. Drinking lots of fluids helps alot for me , for some reason.
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I have been on narcotics for pain management for 5 years.  Maybe it is my depression setting in
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It could be the combination of the narcotic, stress and depression.

Eat small frequent meals. You don't have to sit down to three squares a day. Six to eight small healthy snacks may be more doable for you right now. Just don't go without eating something. I piece of toast with peanut butter may be more appealing to you than a meat loaf and potato dinner.  Follow that with a banana, apple or some kind of fruit in an hour or two and than something more in another two hours and so on. Have you consulted your physician?

Are you losing weight that you cannot afford to lose? If so you must discuss this with your PCP. Let him/her determine the cause of your lose of appetite. Your PCP may suggest supplements until your appetite returns.

I hope you'll soon be feeling better.

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Hey Tuck, always good to hear from you.  Yes my PCP noticed my weight loss when I saw him last week and he put me on Paxil for my anxiety and depression.  We are really going through a hard time right now and a lot of stress.  No income at all plus my disability, my wife having surgery is a lot to happen all in a month.  I know G-d will not put on us more than we can handle but damn it is hard right now.
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God will not give us more than we can handle but sometimes we question that as it seems things can't get worse and we wonder what will happen next. I have been there many times. I have learned to just put it in God's hands and it always works out.
Your going thru alot right now I see and that adds to your stress levels as well as your pain levels. You need to eat as Tuck said even if it is a fruit or toast.
The medication could have a part in it but I believe it is everything your going thru too.
It always helps to talk about it too. having someone who understands to listen is a great help. I as well as everyone here are here for you and will help in any way we can.
I know things may seem really bleak right now but if you think about it things could be worse so it is good to be thankful for what we do have and I know that sounds terrible but I have been there too.
I am here if you just want to talk:)
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