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Multi False Negative Saliva Tests for Morphine

Hi Ya'll

So glad I found you guys(generic) today, just wish it wasn't at such a late date.  Off & on for the last week I have been trying to find any documentation on WHY a Saliva Test for Drugs would keep coming up negative!!!  I have found very little that's useful and time is running out for me.

My current PCM, who is begrudgingly providing me with Oral Morphine for Breakthru pain and Duragesic Brand Fentanyl Patches for ongoing pain control.  For the last 2 years All my tests (saliva) have come up Negative for Morphine which I have been on for 7 years.  

1 year ago my husband went with me to see the Doc about this and to verify that he sees me take the meds and he is the one who puts the patch on for me since I can't reach my back (duh).  He also complained to the Doc about his laxity in maintaining the "chain of evidence".  Things settled down for awhile... 'til now.

I figured I was off the hook, but it has happened again.  the Doc's office called me to tell me that the Doc would not be supplying my drugs any longer... When I expressed disbelief & asked what I could do, they didn't know.  Geez, at least give a girl a chance, do the humane thing and at the very least offer a program to taper off the meds so as not to cause a possible dangerous reaction to abrupt withdrawal.  

Any way, I asked for an appointment and got one for tomorrow.  My husband will go with me again, this time to read the guy the riot act.  To night I'll go over everything I've found here & on the net, with DH so we'll be as prepared as possible, considering the time restraint.

Then I will start looking for a new Doctor, which will be difficult living in a rural area and with an insurance company that is fairly restrictive and has been denying requests for Care & Medications, based on THEIR OPINION of what I need or don't need, to the point of over-ruling several Doctors.

Thanks for letting me blow off STEAM at the injustice of it all!!!! If anyone has any recent info on the saliva test & can get it to me by tonight, I'd appreciate it.  Actually anytime would be OK because we are going to continue to follow this up regardless of what this Doc decides tomorrow after our meeting

Thanks again,

Karen aka DesertGator
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Hi Karen,

First I want to say "Hello  to a Fellow Arizonian"!!  :) I see that you are "rural" but where about is "rural"? I live in Anthem just North of Phoenix. Where do you go now for your Dr.?

I have to tell you how sorry I am that you are going thru this!! I too am on the Fentanyl Patch50 mcg. What is the dose that ou are on? Are you testing OK for the Fentanyl or is it not showing up either?

I don't know much about testing for the Morphine. Is that Saliva Test the ONLY test that he does? Will he give you a UA or a Blood Test instead? Preferably the Blood Test as that is MUCH more accurate.

If you will go to Mollyrae's or Sandee1818's Journals I believe that they have some info on there about the different tests and the False Negative's and False Positive's. You can find a link to their Profile's over to the right of this post under "Top Pain Answerers".

I hope that you can work this out with him. The reason I say this is because as far as I know if you fail these it's really difficult to find a Dr. that won't kick you out. That's why I asked about the possibility of getting them to do a different type of testing on you. The reason I was wondering about the dose of Fentanyl that you are on is because of the DANGEROUS withdrawals that you will face. He MUST NOT make you go CT from the Fentanyl it is life threatening!!

PLEASE KEEP US POSTED!!  If I can be of ANY help to you PLEASE PM me...Sherry
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Hello Karen:

I am so sorry that your Doctor does not believe you. Especially with the legnth of time you've spent with him. I certianly can relate to your current position. As mentioned, I do have some information in my journals about why Morphine might not show up in your system. Please check it out.

Also, If you google " False Negative Morphine Tests" you may find more information. As namnam mentioned, keep us posted. We are always interested in these cases and finding a reason behind it.

My best,
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