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My laptop

Well, after months of little bits of trouble here and there, my MacBook finally died.  My own fault.  I accidently fell asleep with a cup of tea in my hand and spilled it onto the computer.  So, Friday or Saturday I'm off to buy another one.  I'm leaning toward the iPad, though my oldest daughter tells me go with the MacBook (but that's another 400).  My boyfriend, who's a computer geek (though knows nothing about Apple) tells me to go with the cheapest Dell laptop.

I like that Apples, at least in my experience, don't get viruses.  (The BF tells me if I buy the cheapest laptop I can find, he'll make sure he protects it that I won't ever get a virus.)

So, friends, which direction would you go?  (I asked this before when I thought the MacBook was finished but it resurrected for a few more months.)

In other news, I haven't been on much as I've been really sick.  The BF had bronchitis and was recovering at my house, and I got it as well.  Really bad.  I'm on my fourth day of antibiotics and don't feel much better.  I had a sinus infection and bad bronchitis (that actually feels more like pneumonia.)  I'm on Augmentin and hopefully I'll be feeling better soon.  The BF went back to work today (he had one week of Zithromax which helped a tiny bit but not much so he's a little ahead of me.)  If I had to be sick, it was nice to have company.  We hunkered down in bed, watched movies and talked.  And if he still loves me after seeing me look like I do, then I give him a lot of credit.  I look terrible.

My dad has gone off to Arizona for a wedding until Monday and I feel sort of all alone.  The BF will be back Saturday after work.  Hopefully we'll both be feeling better and can enjoy the weekend.

Time for me to catch up on things here.  I was to sick to get out of bed to use the desk top.  And once the kids get home, I'll have no chance to be on it!
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I went from Dell laptop to an HP latop with Windows 7, I also use Mozilla Firefox and AVG. I love it. I also have a Dell Desktop that is getting close to 7 years old but it works like a charm.
I have a friend who is a graphic design artist and she has a MAC. She got a very bad virus on it about 6 months ago. I would highly recommend using AVG with any computer that you decide to purchase and download Mozilla Firefox.  
If your up to it, I would make yourself some home made chicken soup and make sure you drink plenty of fluids especially O.J. to get your Vitamin C. I use to get Bronchitis with the change of season's, ususally around May and October. I would also take a Tbsp of pure honey before I went to bed and it really helped.
I hope you feel much better Soon! I hope this information was helpful.
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I just got the iPad, actually it came in today.   I'm just learning the ins & outs.  Overall, I love it.  The glaring lack of Flash is affecting one of the main reasons I got it, to use for an online course I'm taking.  Supposedly, it will be available at some point.  
But for browsing, emailing, minor things...love it.  Typing is easy, but I also got a keyboard just in case there is a lot of typing to do w my new career, if I'm on the road or something.

Good luck, whatever you choose.
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Hi Mellie,

I bought (with a student loan designed for university students to be equipped with a computer) a Macbook Pro. I had a Macbook before, it was awesome, I gave it to my best friend but it's resale value 3 years after I bought it was still 800-900 $, I paid it 1100$ and invested maybe 50$ to boost it's memory. Why do I tell you all of this? to let you know that it's a good INVESTMENT. :-)

But you know that eh? ;-) oh and Because of the high doses of hydromorphone Contin that I take every 12 hours I take + high and frequent doses of hydromorphone? (for breakthrough pain) is  that dilaudid? anyway, sometimes I fall asleep when I'm sitting. :P whatever...

I feel for you, sorry about the puter...
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Thanks for all the suggestions.  I am taking lots of vitamins, Vit C, D, Omega 3, and  multi.  I actually have everything to make chicken soup and might actually feel well enough to make it.  And I'll pick up some honey.

I'm surprised your friend got a virus; Mac's don't usually get them.  Why is Mozilla Firefox better?  I'm not sure if my Mac has made a permanent recovery but I'm using it at the moment.
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I think I was falling asleep mostly because I was so sick, though at times I do fall asleep from my medication.  Diluadid never worked for me; it was like taking nothing.   I take oxycodone for the BT pain and the Fentanyl patch 75 mcg every 48 hours.  I had tried the MS Contin but some side effects made it not great for me.
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Once I used firefox long ago, I never went back to IE.. not only because of it's security features but with a lot of other features too.. I am fond of it's addons.
I hope you feel much better soon!
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I have an HP laptop with Win 7.  It was technically my DH's computer when we went to buy it so I just let him figure out which one to get with the sale's rep while I walked around the store looking at other stuff.  
I think it was his plan for me to have this one and I do like it a lot.  Having a laptop is essential because with my neck I can't sit in regular chairs for long and I can use the laptop in the recliner.
I have not had any problems with viruses on this computer so far *knock on wood*, but DH is also pretty good with computers and does all the updates and things that one is supposed to do with computers.
I have heard Macs are good, but I really like my HP with Win 7.
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I think viruses become more of an issue when kids start downloading stuff.  I never thought I'd like the Mac but I love it.  Now that this laptop has once again resurrected itself, I don't have to spend money I don't have :)  I'd be lost without the laptop.  I'm up at all hours of the night and it's much more comfortable to be reading online stuff in bed.
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I'm glad your MacBook resurrected itself ;-)

I see my dr on the 9th and will talk to her about the fentanyl patch; considering what I take now: the medication, the dose and the amount of breakthrough pill I take (I write everything down and it's in an excel folder, it's easy for her or my pharmacist to consult) and the lever of pain I'm experimentating. :-(
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Hi Mellie,
I'm so happy for you that you were able to save some money and your MAC sprang back to life:)
I look forward to hearing from you. I hope you feel much better soon!
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