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My pain medication isn't giving me enough coverage

I've been taking Percocet 10/325 three times a day, and it's just not working as well as it has been (I've been taking it for about. 4 years now). I don't know what to do, go to longer acting products or maybe just see if she will up my dose to every 6 hours. I've been trying to make it work for the last 1-2 years because I hesitate to ask for more medication even though she is a pain Dr. I don't want to look like some addict, but I'm doing less and less stuff every week. I've got scoliosis in my mid to lower back, fibromyalgia, severe arthritis (especially in my back but also now in both hip joints making walking more than 2 blocks impossible. I take the maximum dose of ibuprofen every day, but now it's starting to affect my kidneys, so I've got to back off some. I take antidepressants from a psychiatrist, which don't work well with like the main drugs for fibromyalgia plus others. My life is pretty miserable at this time from my pain and hopefully I've got a few more years to live, but I need help with my pain or life isn't much of one! Any suggestions?
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It's best to be honest with your Dr. You should tell her that your medication isn't working as well as it used to.
You're on a short acting med and they usually only last about 4 hours or so. I don't know of a short acting med that lasts for 8 hours, the dose you're on right now.
There are several options. She can add more pills per day, you can go on a long acting med with a short acting one for breakthrough pain, there's also the patch.
I'm kind of surprised that your Dr hasn't asked how you're doing on your current medication. Some Drs are like that though. If you say nothing they will say nothing.
You have legitimate medical problems and your doses per day are pretty low. You shouldn't be suffering needlessly. Don't be afraid to talk to your Dr about this. Some chronic pain patients change their meds up every year while others can stay on the same dose with no changes for years.
I can't tell you what to ask for but I can say that Oxycodone is the same as Percocet but it does not contain Ibuprofen. This may be an option for you since it sounds like your kidneys need a rest.
We're here to help anyway we can. Please keep us up to date on how you're doing and what your Dr says.
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I'd go with the pain medication increase as the ibuprofen isn't giving what you want from a relief perspective. My 1st Neuro and my 1st pain doctor did the 10/325 but my previous PM did the oxycontin and oxycodone (over prescribed - actually a GP) who shouldn't of been doing pain pills. I think the DEA agreed as he is no longer practicing.
My new PM is getting ready to give me Nucynta in 2 weeks.
Something entirely new for myself.
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