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My very 1st ever pain management appt is in 2 days.... Help!!

A little back history... I was dxed w/migraines in1997, endo in 98 or 99 crohn's disease in 1999, I had several really bad car wrecks that messed up my back & frequent & large amounts of prednisone to treat crohns has caused degenerative disc disease,  spondylotis, osteoarthritis,  slipped bulging discs L4 L5, sciatica pain. After 8 years of trying for a baby & being told I'd never concieve he were blessed w/a preemie & 3 years later we had another baby, but was told it wasnt in my best interest to try again. I had many complications on top of a high risk pregnancy. I had a tubal, but it made things 100 times worse, so in 2009 I had a complete hysterectomy. 1 year later I was rushed to the ER w/the worst pain ever... kidney stones, then came the kidney infections. In 3 years I've passed almost 30 or more kidney stones & there hasn't been a month since 2010 that I havent had a kidney infection or uti. I have been on so many different antibiotics & many many rounds of them. In 2013 I had my gallbladder out, it was functioning at 13%, the thought was maybe it was partly the cause of my pain, nope it really didnt help. In Oct of 2013, my pcp referred me to PM.... I cancelled the appt & instead found a new urologist in Dec (he is awesome). Come to find out I have a staph kidney infection & it's the worst he's ever seen. We still havent gotten it under control yet & he was giving me my pain meds norco 10/325mg is what he prescribed. He no longer felt that he could keep prescribing them because he doesnt know the long term effects so he referred me to PM. I have excruciating lower back w/shooting pains up my back between the shoulder blades, kidney pain, flank pain, right rib cage pain, abdominal pain, pelvic pain & this pain has caused very high blood pressure. Friday it was 176/101. Ive never had high bp until the kidney problems. I'm a stay at home mom & I try so hard to take care of my hubby & kiddos & not let my health interfere w/my young children, but after 3 years of pure hell, it's hard. I just want some relief. Can anyone tell me about first appts & the ins & outs of pm. Thanks....
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Texas mom be proud. Two babies is your crowning accomplishment in life. In my informed opinion the hysterectomy was cause of all your current problems. The car wrecks not withstanding radically altering your female physiology was a mistake.  Pain management is state of the art. No "pain pills" are required except for acute onset of new pain. You done mother nature's job well bringing two babies into this world. Nurture them, and pamper yourself.
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