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Hi I'm going to try to keep this short.This has been GOIN on for three months straight. My neck hurts very much every time I move it. It's in the back. The top part around and on my bones hurts like a bruise if I touch it. Down along the spine until it reaches the bottom of my shoulders hurts like a bruise to touch too. This is all very close around and on the spine bones. I have tries having massages, warm heat pad, slept sitting up, slept with no pillow. NOTHING WORKS IT'S BEEN THREE MONTHS. I can't stand it anymore. It hurts all the time. I have had no trauma to it that I know of. And it got a little better about two weeks ago and then I woke up one day last week and it's way worse!!! Every time I move my neck it hurts. When I turn it to the side, Its a pretty sharp pain about an 8 out of ten that shoots all the way from the top to bottom. Letting my head lay straight down doesn't really hurt. Turning it in any way or putting it back hurts. Sleeping hurts. And I never rallied how much Swoosh my head to move my bangs until recently, when it started to hurt. I am so tired of this. It's hard to sleep and when I wake up every day i almost start to cry, just knowing it isn't over yet. Does anyone know what may be causing it?? It is painful to touch (massage)
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Also I forgot to ad that this causes bad headaches every day as well pretty much a day. And a couple nights over the last few months that I've had the neck pain, I have ha a tingly, pins and needles feeling all across my scalp. It is very irritating.
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Sounds like DDD in you neck.
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Ask your primary to refer you to a SPINE SPECIALIST TO GET MRI'S AND THEN REFER YOU TO PAIN MANAGEMENT IF NEEDED, PT. ETC.....Until then hot bathing, and massage of the fascia and cartilage will help you if you can afford it.  Try Holistic first if you can ofcourse.... Best to you,  pmuse
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