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Narcotic presciption law... PLEASE READ!

This is outragous!
I thought it would be crucial information for us to know though.
It is really terrible what happened to this person. I do not want this to happen to any of you here so please keep this in mind.

There needs to be a law requiring labeling stating that all prescribed narcotic prescriptions must be kept in their original prescribed bottles at all times!

I currently always keep a day or two's worth of all my medication (non-narcotic & narcotic) mixed together in one pill bottle and keep it on me in my purse.  To me it is easier, than keeping two or three large bottles of narcotic medications in my purse, which could easily be lost or stolen.  At home, I keep a weeks worth in those daily medication carriers, because I lock the rest of my narcotics up in a fire proof safe.  This also keeps unknown people in my house from getting to them along with my 5 yr old daughter.

Recently, I went on a trip for a week to visit my father out of state where he was working.  I had my mixed medication bottle in my purse, and a weeks worth of medication in their bottles packed in my suit cases, which were in the back of my car that I was driving.  I left the rest home, since I just got a month's supply and I didn't want to take a chance of them being lost or stolen. Also a friend told me he was arrested while going away for a week and he had his full months prescription on him, so they got him on intent to sell or distribute dangerous controlled substances, because the cop said he did not need a full month's worth of medication for a week's trip! (What happened to keeping the medication together in their prescribed bottle?)  So anyway, I was pulled over for speeding during my drive up to where I was going.  The cop didn't search my car, but went through my purse and saw the medication bottle, which he opened.  He asked me what all the pills were, and I was completely honest with him.  I also told him the prescription bottles were packed away in my suit cases. I stated that I kept a few out of each, because I did not know how long that I would be on the road traveling.  Now I have been on these medications for more than 5 years, so there was no driving while intoxicated because they did not work like that on me.  The cop arrested me for being in possession of dangerous controlled substances!  Now, until this, I did not know it was illegal to carry narcotics that you have prescriptions for in other means.  I mean why do they make pill cases without warning labels on them?  These ended up being Felony charges against me!  I couldn't get the DA to drop the case even though I had valid prescriptions for them.  Plus they were confiscated and I ran short at the end of the month, so I went through withdrawl a few days.

I called the DEA, no one could find this law!  I looked under the Uniform Controlled Substance Act, and it is not there!  So I firmly believe if this is supposed to be a federal law that you can go to jail for, then it should be easy to find and it is not!  


I have talked to many and  many people who have run into this situation that was clueless like myself.  I think this law change and labeling addition would say alot of police officer's and courts time & money!

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You are allowed to carry those prescriptions onto the plane with you in that manner and the DEA actually encourages you to do so. If I get a chance I will post that also.

They want you to have the drugs on your person during a flight to prevent theft or tampering if they were to be in a checked bag. You are correct in that you were dealing with two idiots. This world is full of them. Stupidity isn't against the law and the only reason for that is because the people that would have to pass the law (politicians) were be guilty of breaking it as soon as the ink dried on the paper it was written on.
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    Oh I know about the baggie thing, I've flown several times but I have never had a problem until this last time. These 2 big Brutus like guys looked liked they might have been Mercenaries, they definitely demanded attention. Their supervisor had heard everything and knew that the qeustioning was out of line. And to top off everything else, they took my cane....:( I refused to to budge until I got my cane back. I gave them "the look " ( my grandson calls it)and continued on down to board my plane. It could have been worse I guess But it was too much for me.

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I wanted to add that if you are arrested for driving under the influance the police will take you to the ER and have blood drawn before your even booked. They will have the results when it comes time see the judge. As Red has said it is against the law to drive while under the influance of these medications so even though your legally prescibed the medications that is in your blood and blood work they still can prosecute you. They can but rarely ask for specialist to testify because legally you were in the wrong for driving under the influance.
I am not trying to be the bad guy here just making sure this is very clear.
I think we should have laws to protect us rather than prohibit us from doing what we need to such as take these medications that is for a disease just like any other disease.
If you think though about the people who are not legitimate Pt's that are/will drive while under the influance of these drugs in MUCH higher amounts than we take that are on the roads there to cause accidents and possibly kill someone that is what the laws are for unfortunately we are caught in the middle.
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True, but like I was saying there's really no way to tell if you were under the influence barring sobriety tests. If you take your 4-6 medication at 8am, and drive at 6pm and get blood/urine tested, it will appear there. You would easily get out of a DUI conviction with a good lawyer. The drugs will stay in your system for a while if you're taking them regularly.
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It's like a ping pong match, " what I'm saying is..."  " yeah but what I meant was...." I love a good debate and no matter what side you fall on you have to appreciate the passion behind the views! Thank You!
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My issue with the whole thing is that if it's in your system and you took it long before you drove and you're suspected of DUI for an unrelated reason, they'll still say you were on it although you weren't.
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