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National Doctors' Day

Good Morning all,

Not really a question here, just wanted to send out a reminder that March 30th is National Doctors' Day.  I know there are some who praise their Doc at every opportunity, and others who feel that their current Doc is the world's worst.  Those who hate their Doc may want to stop reading!  With the holiday approaching, this is the perfect time to tell your Doctor how much you appreciate what they've done for you.  I know that I would be in a world of hurt right now if my current PM Doc had not been so eager to get rid of my pain, and so patient and willing to try new things when so many others did not work.  She has stuck with me for over two years and I will never be able to thank her enough for the hard work and time she and her entire staff have devoted to making me feel better.  

I have also heard many of you share stories of finding Doctors, whether they be PCP's or PMP's, that have helped you immensely in the fight against CP.  I hope none of you take this for granted, as I'm sure many of you have found out that there are a large number of Doctors out there who won't prescribe narcotics or treat pain patients because they think we are just there for the drugs.  Take a moment and think about where you'd be without your current Doctor and the relationship you have likely established with him or her.  Whether you think it is a good or bad thing, I believe CP patients establish a connection with our physician that others do not.  This bonding that has occured between my PMP and I over my course of treatment has made me realize that she is not just doing her "job" of managing my physical symptoms, but has uncovered mental problems that other Doctors saw right through, and manages my treatment for them.  I could go on for days about this, but I think my point has been made.

I know we all worry about the future more than we should, I am guilty as well.  What I'm saying is that we should take a little time and think about our Doctors.  They are just as important to as as any medication we take.  Think about what your Doc has done for you in the last year, and again, what your life would be like without them.  Take the opportunity on March 30th to tell them how you feel.

I believe the most common thing for patients to do is to send their Doc a card. (There are cards specifically for this day).  I will spare you guys an even longer post and leave the history lesson out.  Here are a couple of links that explain the holiday.



Hope everyone is having a good Thursday.
Enjoy the read, comments welcome!


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Good post T, Dr's don't get much credit from us miserable sods. I have been thinking about getting something for my Doc for a few weeks now, had no idea this day was coming up soon (or that it existed). I'm gonna roll my dr a big fat juicy spliff on the 30th of march. He's earned it.Nah on 2nd thoughts I'd better just give him legal drugs (alcohol).I reckon he'd love a few hours with a few ladies of the night as well (he can be a dirty old *******!). Stuff it, A card is cheaper. Will think about sending one to my old neurologist too. And perhaps an anti-national doc day card to the dr's who failed to help me.
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Hey Turbo,

Thank you for a great reminder. I too have a great physician. In my state the PCP treat and follow their CP patients. I do send cards, flowers and gifts to my PCP of five years. Not only is she a great physician she is a warm, intelligent, understanding and compassionate woman. She is also a great listener. I believe that warmth and compassion is a must for every physician. They either learned it on their mother's knee or they never learn it.

I also include her wonderful nurse with my cards and gifts, they are a great team. In my PCP absence her nurse has gone to other physicians within the clinic to obtain assistance for me. She has never let me down. Yearly I take a long vacation in Florida and I send them a very large box of fresh fruit and candies. I remember the receptionists with cookies, fruit or candies and cards at Christmas and at least one other time during the year. I get great customer service from everyone within the clinic. They all bend over backwards to help me in many ways. I beleive in part that is due to my frequent forms appreciations and thank yous.

Let's all remember our physicians. And maybe even those not so great physicians will respond well to being remembered. Repeated acts of random kindness is hard to ignore or turn your back on.

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I too appreciate my docotr and his staff. I usually buy the staff and the doctor something nice for Christmas and make baskets of goodies and things on other holidays. I think it is a nice way to show the docotr and staff we appreciate them and all they do for us. My doctor bends over backwards to help his Pt's and some get angry if he is ill and has to take a day off and inconvenience them and that angers me so much! Doctors are human too and they too get ill and need sick days.
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