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Natural Pain Relief

Has anyone in this forum ever tried acupuncture?  I have had several replies in the autoimmune forum that say they have heard it is good, but never tried it.  I was on Tramadol.....can't take it anymore because I had a seizure.  I can't take any pain meds right now because of severe kidney damage that my docs are trying to deal with and keep me out of dialysis.  Any information on natural pain relief would be great!
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I tried a Chirpractor and it worked somewhat so far. I may have Thoracic Outlet Syndrome and not a cervical issue though.
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Hi Cudagirl,

I have tried acupuncture. I was extremely surprised on my first visit. This woman knew nothing of my medical background other than I had pain in my SIJ and hip. After the initial evaluation she was able to tell me many things about the condition of my body, including the fact that I had kidney stones. I was very impressed. But I digress.

I saw the acupuncturist for three months. It was expensive ($75.00 a treatment) and it was not covered by my insurance. I did not experience any reduction in my chronic pain. What I did find is that the treatments and setting was very relaxing. It did make me feel more emotionally serene which can ease tension therefore in my case reducing a small amount of pain for a short time. I did not find the 30-60 minutes of minimal pain reduction worth the 75 dollars.  

But everyone is different and you may obtain better relief for longer periods of time. I think it is worth a try. What do you have to lose? The acupuncturist did sell me bottles of natural herbs that she said would improve my pain and condition. I purchased them for $40.00 and took them to my PCP who firmly told me to not take them. I have other medical factors that would not have tolerate them. I quit going to the acupuncturist several weeks later.

Please let us know how about your experience if you decide to seek acupuncture. I will be interested to hear how successful it is for you. Best of luck and please take care.


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I have had acupuncture for about 6 months now for an ovarian cyst (which will be removed soon). I was never prescribed pain medicine (no insurance) but no OTC pain meds worked. I don't know about your condition, but it worked very well for my cyst pain and pain from my periods. Best of luck.
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I have to agree with Tuck. I live in the UK and got it free on the NHS for chronic ankle pain.It didn't really help the pain but it was a nice expreince. It made me feel a bit special and stuff for the length of the session and afterwards i felt more relaxed, but the pain was the same.

I would't pay for it but if it where free I would go for it!

Take care
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I have tried acupuncture for smoking twice and it never worked. That was years ago and I am smoke free today. But, if you are looking for something natural...... I just stopped at our local Health Food Shoppe today and spoke with this lady that is well known in my city. She is a walking Encyclopedia of information on health, nutrition, meds, herbs and vitamins. I am having major pain issues and have tried everything. I do not want to live on pain meds or meds the rest of my life. I believe they are causing me more harm than good. This is what she told me today......  I told her my story. She was not excited about the "cocktail" of meds the doc has me on (Lexapro, Klonopin and Nuvigil or Norco for pain). She said, no wonder I was all screwed up. She also explained that your body needs 4 items to live.......air, nutrients, water and I forgot the 4th. I am not a water drinker and I have been skipping meals due to the excessive pain. Her advice was to try and drink more water (your body needs the water or your joints will hurt and the muscles will shrivel up), try to eat regular meals (so your body has the energy and vitamins) and stay away from foods high in sodium (that will deplet your water), take vit D3 (6000 iu) and Magnesium. She gave me reading material on Magnesium Deficiency. I have most of the symptoms on the list. I guess, this is going to be the next thing I try. At least, it is natural and not going to harm me or dope me up. Look up and read about Magnesium Deficiency and Vit D Deficiency. See if that explains you. Good Luck. If you want the ladies name and number to that store here, I'm sure she would speak with you over the phone and let you know what you need to take and how much. Let me know.
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