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Need expert advice concerning inability to tolerate meds

I suffer from a multitude of health issues post major surgery in 1994 for Stage 4 Endometriosis.  Although my oncologist opened me from stern to pubic bone and "cleaned" my organs of implants, "as best he could", it was so widespread, it still affects my colon/bowels, rectum and vaginal canal.  I already had insurmountable issues resulting from gastric bypass in 1987,
including inability to digest solids, dehydration requiring intravenous fluids, vitamin deficiences causing massive bone loss (orthopedic likened my bones to "Rickets") She administered Synvisc One shots into both knees, which helped me so-o-o much with my knee pain/mobility.  She also said, however, since I REFUSE any additional surgery needed to replace knees, and I suffer from sciatica, with radicular pain up and down my spine on top of my female/pelvic/bowel/rectum pain, that she would recommend I seek a pain management facility.  I've tried, but the epidurals were of no benefit to me.  I could not tolerate pain meds strong enough to address the pain, due to gastric problems/intense gut reaction.  I'm basically at this point, through my GP, taking Tramadol for pain, Zoloft, Ativan, Donnatal for colon spasms, of course stool softeners/stimulants because my bowels haven't moved naturally in 20+ years.  My husband's engineering position was downsized, so we lost our insurance coverage--no more Synvisc One.  Although I'm on disability, I had never signed up for Medicare, because my husband's insurance was more than sufficient coverage for me.  I have just received my Medicare coverage, so my question is 2 fold...Will Medicare cover pain management doctor fees/meds/Synvisc One shots?  Is there any pain med out there that can bypass my stomach pouch to address my level of pain?  The Tramadol is not sufficent, but I can't digestively tolerate the stronger stuff, and I need to maintain mental clarity to function.  Can anyone advise?
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Advice. Well I can try.

I too have stage IV endometriosis. I had such deep infiltration that it caused nerve damage. I also had a rectovaginal cyst and a presacral neurectomy done to help with the cramping but I think it made everything worse.

I use an enema twice a week just to go to the bathroom.

I have alot of other chronic pain issues as well and attend a pain clinic in Toronto Canada. However I think the best method in which I highly suggest is to look in to Clear Passage. The therapy they do breaks down adhesions and helps with intestinal blockages, endometriosis and infertility.

I dont live in the us so I cant get it done right now but I am at a stage in my battle that I am tired and in pain. I cant continue to live this way.

Have you tried juicing, raw diets and removing all dairy and wheat?  I found it helped a lot and I didnt feel as bloated and my mental clarity was better however the bowels itself it didnt seem to 100% help that is why I suggest the Clear passage.

Message me if you want to talk or need more information. I completely feel your struggle.
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Is there a nurse or doctor reading this forum?  Please, somebody at least direct me, if I'm lost in this forum.  Thanks:-)
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