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Nerve pain arm

I have severe nerve pain down my arm.  Was given nucynta but the pain meds don't seem to help nerve pain.  What about some nerve med to keep the nerves relaxed?
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Nerve pain should be treated with something like neurotin or Lyrica that specifically works on nerve pain. Narcotics will not do much to help that sort of pain. Hope you get to feeling better soon!
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I unfortunately have non-diabetic neuropathy..I am not a doctor but have picked brains of many and read read read....
I have read that there are two modalities to treat neuropathy pain..

   The first are meds that years ago were first line meds for depression..examples are nortriptylline, amitriptylline..these have been staples for nerve pain now..
    The second  types are anti-seizure medications such as neurontin..
          A newer medication we hear a lot about is lyrica..
    The third is using a medication such as cymbalta..or ssri's anti depressants..
The second modality is high dose opiates...for chronic pain..
Morphine,oxycodone, etc..in their long acting form..This is a new concept I want to avoid.

There are pros and cons to both modalities...especially the second...
Opiates do work for nerve pain...I know....but the first modality I tried for 15years ..taking Vicodin only if needed for bad bad days...15 a month at the most..
Everybody has different types of nerve pain..
Mine has been relieved with nerve blocks of lidocaine and steroids..but relief for me was short lived...
I am now on lyrica and opiates..I also have facet joint arthritis and having radiofrequency ablation for sacral lower back area helped some of my nerve issues..
Some people get relief with capsicum...a prescription lotion..that causes burning sensation which subsides with use and helps nerve pain...
Taking alpha lipoic acid, thiamine, B6 and B12 helps some people also
Don't mean to write a book....
In my honest opinion....hope this let's you know that the best you can do is keep asking questions and keep a diary of your pain..where, when...why  pain has flared...show to doctor as if they have better info..they can help or refer you.
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There's also a prescription gel, Voltaren, & Lido derm patches.  I was on huge   doses of most narcotics but got very little relief from the CRPS/ rsd pain.  I've got some relief from nortriptyline.  I tried PT & OT & other procedures but no relief from them either.
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