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Hi everyone,
I saw my PM dr. last week and he wants me to try neurontin. He says it works on different receptors in the brain and he is hoping that it will provide relief without having to increase the opiate (I am only on a short acting med twice a day). My surgeon said it might be helpful, but that it only works in half the population and he wasn't too sure it would work for me. He also said that the biggest side effect is fatigue, and that I might not be able to tolerate the side effects, but it is worth a try. He said to just stop taking it if I can't tolerate it. I've been doing some research on neurontin and what I'm finding is not favorable, for the most part. Here is my concern- apparently this medication causes dizziness for many people. Well, I already have dizziness/ episodic vertigo with my disease and it causes me a lot of anxiety. I'm really scared to add something that might make it worse. Plus, I am in college and have two young children to take care of, I just don't know when a good time is to see how it will make me feel. I am hoping it helps with the intense nerve pain I have from multiple surgeries. I probably shouldn't have reviewed it so much, but I am nervous to take any new medication. If anyone has any experience with this medication, please let me know how it affected you. Maybe I'm worried for nothing, and maybe it will help. Any feedback on your personal experiences with neurontin (gabapentin) would be GREATLY appreciated!!! Thanks for your help!!! :)
Keri :)
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Hi Keri,
I took this medication years ago and it just made me tired. I would try it at night to start maybe a Friday night and then thru the weekend. You should know how it will help you within a few days.
I hope it works well for you:)
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