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New members can introduce themselves here....

We welcome new members here everyday and alot of times new members will sit back and observe and read awhile before posting. By introducing yourself it helps us members get to know you and also welcome you to our wonderful community we have.

We not only support each other with pain issues but with everyday life and how the pain effects it. We have all had days when just need to vent and express out feelings toward dealing with pain and how it effects every single aspect of out lives. So feel free to do this.

I know all of our wonderful members will make you the new members feel welcome and at home here. I myself consider my friends here my MedHelp family.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask. We have many different features here including a pain tracker   http://www.medhelp.org/user_trackers/gallery/pain  that will help you keep track of your pain levels on a daily basis and you can even print it out to take to your Doctor's appointments to help them treat your pain.

We have health pages that will give you more information on pain and your medical treatments and so much more.
Med Help also has many more communities also - http://www.medhelp.org/forums/list

We all here look forward to getting to know you:)

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Hi Edna,
I am glad you have found Med Help. We are certainly glad to have you here. Unfortunately alot of Doctor's are afraid of addiction with the medications we take. it is not really understood by alot of them though. Addiction and dependence are totally different.
i would recommend getting a pain management Doctor as they are better equipped to handle pain issues and new research and medications available.
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356518 tn?1322267242
I hope everyone had a great Christmas and Has a very Happy New year.
May we all have a pain free or as close a we can get this year:)
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Im new how do you get people to answer my questions or do they just do that randomly?
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My name is Caleb, Ive been married for 7 years and I am 24 years of age. When I found this site, it was Christmas and I was at the end of my rope so to speak. I'm in incredible pain all the time from 3 herniated discs and a bulging L4 and L5. I also have a narrowing of the spine and a bone spur in my nerves according to an MRI in October. I use to have a life, a car, a job, a house, so called friends and considered myself blessed daily. I was always thankful for what I had till it was taken away from me.

I dont know if anyone really cares or listens anymore, and I couldnt blame them. Before this I would've just shrugged my shoulders to the thought of people who need surgery, mostly because my shoulders still could move properly. Now I've been in pain for almost a year, and when I read some of these posts I can just break down into tears.

I would not wish this pain on my worst enemy. I'm on Morphine, Perks, and Flexoral (which does nothing) and every surgeon has told me I should be in shock from the pain, yet every surgeon has denied me because of lack of insurance. I am in so much pain and cannot live like this anymore. I just want relief,  no matter what the circumstances.
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My name is sara and I am a full time student and mother. I have been struggling with cronic pain in my left leg for about 5 years now. A small lump between my bone and muscle. The doctors say its nothing and unrelated. I have had bilateraly swollen lynph nodes for 6 years and I am just now getting to go for a biopsy this wednesday. I was diagnosed with ciliacs disease almost 2 years ago. Battle with a constant upset tummy and now am starting antidepresants. I have a hard time because my other half does not understand what its like to live in contant pain. He tries though.... Not always as supportive as he could be but I understand it can be a lot to deal with. I am just looking to conect with other people who might be able to understand what its like to live in constant pain. I want answers but it has been a slow roed to getting those answers. I am scared to get this biopsy done not only for the pain but am afraid of what they might find even if it means no more pain.
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hi I'm new here and just wanted to say hello. For the last month or so I've been trying to fight pain in my right side by my ovaries. It comes and goes. It's not everyday but I deal with it at least 3 times a week. I've gone to so many different sites and everything I've found didn't help me. So here I am asking you guys for help. The pain gets so bad that I feel like I'm going to start crying. It breaks my heart when after a long day at work I can't enjoy time with my 2 year old son, cuz I'm sitting on the couch with a heating pad. Hope you guys can all help me out.

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Hello, I am also brand new to this site, and so very happy to find it. All together, this is an awesome set of tools they put together here at Medhelp - from the trackers to these boards.

Although I am new to this site, I am not new to chronic pain. I have been dealing with it for about 15 years now, since a car accident in 1996 where I fractured my neck and back. Over the years, I have gotten a whole bunch of conditions/diagnosis piled on the original injuries - from herniated discs and spinal stenosis, through Cushing's disease, to now the latest - lupus or RA (they are waiting for some test or another to make the call) to a tumor on my parathyroid. I honestly do not know which of these very painful and life-changing conditions I would have encountered anyway and which are related to the treatments I have been given along the way to help the original problems (like prednisone, I became prednisone toxic and got Cushings; the Cushings put an extra 80 lbs. on and blew out my knee joints, my blown knee joints - as well as herniated discs, etc.- prevent much in the way of exercise... and so it goes, around and around...).

In any case I know the places I hear you talking about - the agony of the pain, the horrible and callous treatment we often get from doctors and pharmacists; watching those we thought we knew stigmatize us and drift away... the unfairness of the whole thing! STILL, I want to be a beacon of hope for as many here as I can - since on a good day I am able to find a somewhat bright view of life. And, the truth is that even now living with increasing chronic pain for 15 years I am struggling with all of those tough issues over and over again. I think the advantage of time is that I am no longer as easily surprised when something really f***ed up happens, I know what to expect for the most part, I am less angry and depressed... I guess what I want to share is that it can get better.

Right now the one aspect of my life I could use some coaching or advice in is in building a community for myself. I ended a 16 year long relationship (another casualty of chronic pain in my view) and moved to Boston. I do not know a soul here and it's been a long time since I went about trying to make friends. So if anybody has any tips for me, let me know! I am hoping to learn how to make real-life in-person friendships in a new town and of course online friends are great as well. WHY did I move across the country, from SF to Boston, when I do not know a soul here and at the moment cannot walk more than 1/2 a block? This to Snailtrail who posted above and anyone else who cannot get insurance: EVERYBODY in Mass has insurance. It is a state law. I do not pay anything for co-pay (which is good, since I don't have anything), my prescriptions are $3 each and I am still on the healthcare here through the state. It is the only state in the union with these laws, and I could not make it any other way... even where I can afford it, nobody will insure me.

Sorry for writing a novel - hang in there - I am open to just listening, answering any questions anyone wants to ask me about living with chronic pain, have learned to keep it as positive as is realistic or possible, and ..... and look forward to chatting with some of you!
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New to the forums here, been lurking for awhile.  Just dropping a note to say hi!
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I just wanted to introduce myself- I have been a lurker for the most part for years, but now I would like to be an active member! I think this board has MANY wonderful, caring people, who really know their stuff! A bit about me-

In late '05/early '06, I started having problems with pain in my lower back, and also my knees and hands were getting weak. I was dx'd with RA, and also DDD, 3 bulging discs, multiple annular tears, and (the kicker) MS. In Feb '07, my dx of MS was retracted, and I found out I had a Chiari Malformation w/ a syringomyelia (cyst in my spinal cord). THE VERY NEXT DAY, I found out I was pregnant with # 4! I had a HORRIBLE pregnancy!! I was hospitalized on bedrest because no dr had any clue how to deal with a chronic pain patient who had CM/SM... I ended up having my daughter at 34 weeks via c-section. She was only 4 pounds, but healthy and was able to avoid NICU. In may '08, I had my decompression surgery. In Feb '10 I injured my knee, and had 2 arthroscopies as a result.

I'm no stranger to chronic pain, and have tried all sorts of things for it. PT, injections, RFA's, etc... I think a surgery is in my future, but we'll see. I'm hoping that, with your guys' help, I can push it out another 10 years!!  
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Hi Everyone, I am a new member, I am looking for answers. I have a chronic pain problem I am just sick and tired of living with. I have bilateral pain in my legs daily mostly a 7-8 on the pain scale. I have been told I have some Facet joint degeneration in lower lumbar area around L4-L5, the thing is I have had the steriod injections, an ablation where the problem nerve was burned on both left and right sides, now I have a Neurostimulator and I am still in pain daily. The stimulator help, but the pain persists. This misery started in my feet and over time progressed upward to my lower back, buttocks, and thighs. Sciatica has been ruled out disc-herniation, and Spinal stenosis. I have had several MRIs and it only shows a small buldging in the Thoracic area and early Facet joint degeneration. I hurt worse when I lay down and feel better when I stand, if I stand to long and then sit the pain is excruiating. I am sick of taking pain medicine and sick to death of being in pain. I am a Nurse and I cannot work with this pain. I am hoping someone can tell me who to see or what procedure I need to have to rid my body of this pain. Help!
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I'm a newbie so forgive any errors plz. A few years ago I broke my neck in an accident it hurts and it *****. I do have alot to be thankful for though. I have a very supportive family, fairly decent insurance, an excellent PM Dr. that listens to what I have to say and treats accordingly to the  best of his ability, one of the best Surgeons in the region who was very up front about what could go good and bad and finally I've kept a fairly positive attitude about this whole ordeal. The down side is after all the outstanding things I have going for me I still can't keep my chin up (pun intended..Ha.Ha..), convince my arms and hands to do as they are told or or get this aweful PAIN under control. So I've had the best possible circumstances with the worst possible results...Anyone got any ideas where to go from here?
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I am a new member . My wife  prompted me to find a forum or support group to help me with my back pain problems. I fell down the stairs about 15 years ago and did some damaged my lower back. I have a bulging disk between L1 and L2 and L4 and L5. My tail bone hurts so much some times it fells like my hips are splitting apart. I also have pain around the circumference of both hip joints and muscle pain on both quadriceps muscles. Lately the bottoms of my feet feel like some one has been beating them with a base ball bat. I can't sleep on my back or my right outside thigh goes numb and when I move on my side the feeling comes back with a sharp burning pain. That's it for my pain but I will have to go the sleep disorder section for my narcolepsy. Hank you for hearing me out. I see we all have pain problems here and I look forward to talking to all of you. I have three daughters who also use the computer so it may take a while to get back to you sometimes.
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Let me introduce myself. My name is Traci. I am a new member to this forum. I have chronic back pain & fibromyalgia. What I a really need is some advice on controlling my pain. I have had injections with no help at all. Doctors do not seem to have any help for the Fybromyalgia. If anyone has any suggestions please reply. My life feels like hell on earth. Please help.
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I been lurking since Nov-2010.  Thanks to all who have posted on the subjects of Morphine & Norco Withdrawals!  Your information is both helpful and inspirational. <3

I have been weaning since Nov from Morphine & Norcos used to manage Lymphoma pain.  It took 6 months to get a diagnosis of Anabalastic  Large T Cell Lymphoma (if I spelled that right).   During that time I went from Norco to Morphine CR 90 mg/days & Dilaudid IVs in the hospital.  I was so swollen I looked 5 month pregnant.

In Nov I received a clean PET scan & began weaning off the Morphine and then the Norco's.  It's been an exhaustive process taking 3 months.  During the whole time I've been having goosebumps and fluctuating temperatures, fatigue, muscle tension,insomnia,racing heart,anxiety,chest/back pain.  

I am taking 5htp, SAMe, VitC, glutamine,Xanax, hot baths, stretching/yoga. My newest tool is guided imagery to give me positive feedback.  Check out Belleruth Naparstek on healthjourneys.com.  They have an mp3 for everything from cancer to 12-step support.

I could walk four miles most days on chemo/but had to stop walking & running on withdrawals due to joint pain in the hips and overall fatigue.  My brain feels fried too.

I am 48 hours clean now - I am so frustrated with the weaning process that I've gone cold turkey on my final descent & took today off work. Currently I am having the runs, stomach cramps, neck pain, restlessness, lack of concentration, poor appetite. A quiet weekend is the best for this.

I am so excited that Freedom is within my reach.  God bless all of you with pain issues, you are in my prayers.
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I was dx'd with chronic pain in 2000 & was put on muscle relaxers & opiod pain meds. Then about 7 yrs ago I went to a Fibro & Fatigue Clinic in Dallas & was dx'd with Fibromyalgia along with CFS, not to mention the high cholesterol, controlled high blood pressure & many other small things going on with me.

My meds are: Morphine Sulfate, Trazadone, Zanaflex, Valium, Wellbutrin, Celexa, Vitamin D3, low dose Bayer, Bystolic, Quinapril & Simvastatin. These are the meds I use as needed: Aleve, Mirilax, stool softener & Prevacid.

What I would really like to find out is what will all these meds do to me now, much less in the next 10 yrs.  I am 55 y/o & have been on SSDI since 12/07 which isn't much after paying for all the medicare & insurance you don't dare do without.

My 58 y/o hubby is waiting on his 3rd brain surgery as he has Cerebral AV-Dural Fistulas. Basically they are vessels leaking blood into his brain. In June 10 he was in ICU for 19 days & 1300 ml was drained from his brain. This should be his last surgery since he has one more fistula that is repairable & the other one is in the brain stem so deep they don't think it's worth the risk to fix it.

We lost his mother in Sept. 10 to cancer & my mom had cancer surgery in Sept. but so far is doing okay.

How much can we really stand?
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hey melissa, just want to say how great it is to see ppl like you out there trying to help others.  I wish i had found this site long ago.  You are such a sweetheart and i thank God for putting ppl like you in the world who cares. God bless
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Hello all,
I am very new to this. So guess I'll start from the beginning.

I was 27 with two beautiful children. My daughter who was three and my son who was a month old at time. Not to mention my loving and supportive wife. I was lifting some heavy equipment at work when I injured my L4/L5 disc Jan.2008. The doctor I was referred to placed me on norco10/325 6 per day and recommended P/T, and some cortisone shots but nothing was helping. Soon after I was transferred to a different w/c doctor who had a few X-ray's, a MRI, and a discogram done on me. A disc bulge with annular tear was found and I was told that surgery was the only way to relieve my back pain. I got three opinions all with the same result. Too young for fusion but just right for ADR (artificial disc replacement). My disc was replaced May2009. After the surgery the pain in my back was ten times worse than before. No longer able to walk without assistance. My surgeon had me on oxycodone10/325 6 per day and it wouldn't touch the pain. I was switched back to the norco10/326 6 per day and was able to function a little. He had a CT scan done on me and said "the placement of the disc was not ideal but should be doing its job" so he recommended P/T. I went to P/T for a couple sessions with no success. According to my surgeon I would no longer be able to work in the plumbing industry anymore and that the only other options I had at this point were fusion or a pain management program. W/C wanted the P/M program. I started the 3 week P/M program Aug.2010. The program consisted of 2hrs of physical therapy, 2hrs occupational therapy, 1hr bio-feedback, 1hr relaxation, and 1hr of vocational therapy or meeting with a pain doctor.(all while tapering pain medications) The program was by far the hardest thing I've ever accomplished in my short lifetime. I was tapered down to 3 10/325 norcos a day by the time I finished the program and once again my function went back down to nothing, even with all the techniques I learned in the program. I met with my surgeon one last time a few weeks after the program and he was now saying it might be my facet joints that are causing my debilitating pain. My surgeon than transferred me to another pain doctor who would not only try facet joint blocker but would also try to manage my pain with long lasting medications. I had a facet joint injection Dec.2010. No change in pain level or function. Jan.2011 my new doctor put me on MS contin15mg 3 per day with the norco as a b/t. Still no change in pain/function. As of two weeks ago he put me on fentanly patch25mcg with norco as a b/t. As of right now my pain is somewhat manageable. I'm having problems with them staying on and still need assistance just to walk, but I feel like I'm now heading down the right path. I've come to accept the fact that I will never function or feel the way I did before my injury. I'm just so thankful I have a awesome family who has stood by my side.

I know my experience is nothing compared to others on this site and I wish everyone the best. Thanks for your time.........
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Hi Everyone,

I am honored to join your forum and hope for lively exchanges of advice, experiences and encouragement.  My name is Sunny, early 30's, happily married, no children.  I work full-time.  I suffer from severe, chronic pain due to a vehicle accident a few years ago. DDD, buldging disks, mod-sever arthritis, stenosis, migraines, etc.  I also have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia.  Unsuccsessful Treatments to Date:  trigger point injections, acupuncture, PT, meds, heat & ice, massage, muscle release.   Successful Treatments: N/A.

Hope everyone is having a good, healthy day!
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Hello All,

My name is Tracie and I'm 45.  I came across this site and have been hopeful about what I have read.  It feels as though the members are honest, helpful, and empathetic.  Perhaps I can find some alternatives, definitely some inspiration!

I suffer with chronic pain as well.  Injury in 2001, took the Navy a year to do MRI which showed rupture at L5, anterior bulge pressing on nerve root at L4.  Anway, they wanted to medically discharge me, but I worked with and for a great group of folks that supported me and I was able to fully retire in 2004 after 20 years, thank God!

I am blessed with two daughters, 13 and 16, and a pretty good hubby of 23 years.  I had a spinal fusion from L4-S1 in 2005, then was in a bad car wreck 5 months later which resulted in pretty bad setback :(  So  I had a spinal cord stimulator put in in 2006 to try to wean off some of the pain meds, with limited success.  I also have major depression since before injuries (I'm sure the CP doesn't help).

I have been on everything from MS-Contin to Oxycontin to Methadone and many more in between.  Limited succes and definite drawbacks.  Unfortunately I need pain and pscych meds or I cannot function.  I now take Fentanyl 50 mcg, soma, xanaflex, ultram, trazadone, cymbalta, and abilify.  WOW! That's a lot, but much less debilitating than previous oral opoids were.  

This sure ended up being lengthy!  Thank you for creating this forum and letting me rattle on.  Good luck to all of you in your puruit of pain control.
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I'm Patty new to this forum basically within last month I believe..Anyhow hello to everyone here, and know reading your shares really helps me so thank you.  I have ddd, and djd pretty extensively thus suffer (not poor me suffer...just suffer) alot.  Meds help, and certain physical therapy techniques.  However that being said it''s awfully no actually sadly impossible to find a good pain management doctor due to all the negative press out there regarding certain narcotic or other pain relievers.  I'm in awe of the ignorance by the medical community, and feel ashamed for them.  Every single time I meet a new pain management doctor whom takes my insurance thank God first~ I'm judged:(...Anybody else?...See I look as if I just stepped out of Vogue ( re: wardrobe only ) , and have real YES real allergies so doctors either say well come back in a month after we've run your tox screen, and we only administer methadone or morphine not oxycontin or percocet like meds.  Ok I say am willing< to try methadone..The problem here is that so many people abuse this medication whether they have a physical situation going on or not, and it just crushes the hope of good treatment for us who need help.  I'm not a drug addict nor abuse meds, and take as directed willing to sign any agreement to that effect..In fact legally in pain management we must sign an opiate agreement- if that is the treatment that, we will follow the rules, and especially not see other doctors for same medication.  I need a pain management doctor now am in Westchester and well what's worse destroying my body with megadoses of steroids by a pmd who does not prescribe meds which will cause even further damage, and mind you this pmd knows I had avn right...nice guy....It's a long story but as it is now I'm on very low doses of meds due to the adversity in our pmd, and medical society, ignorance, and most importantly the judgment.  Oh gosh for that judgment word...I was in trauma two days ago because I had no meds, and have little now, and no pmd, or anyone treating me letting my psychologist etc...know I need support.  I have no choice but to end up somewhere I'd rather not spend 24 hours being rescanned them seeing the acute/chronic problem, and concurring I have a serious abscess just scripting me out, and letting me go.  9 out of ten times how many of us receive referrals our insurance does not accept.  Well I have seen let's see four pmd's and none of them cared about me, but they did really admire my wardrobe.  So for any doctor reading this shame on you, and stop judging everyone you see.  Do the proper screening, and background checking before you let that good person leave struggling with no support.  I guess that's all I have right now, and thank you.  Blessings to All~
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Hi! I have been on Medhelp since January, I have Chronic Pain in my left shoulder/arm/hand. I have been in the EmilyPost forum because I am recovering from a dependency to Tramadol. I actually feel better without it, but I just want to learn more about dealing with pain and alternative ways of doing it. Right now I am a starving artist but I do have health insurance, just no disability payment. I am looking forward to learning more about how people deal with their pain, and maybe finding people who have similar pain to mine. Have a great day, y'all!
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I am a new member and am not even sure how to use this website.  I was diagnosed with closed brain, moderate to severe last week.  I was in an auto accident July 2010.  I had my very first seizure on my way to work and hit a telepole going 45 head on.  I wont go into the details, but  it was a horrible day, I was arrested because they didnt recognize the symptoms of what happens after a seizure.  They thought I was drunk or on drugs.  When I was cleared of those incorect charges, I went to the hospital.  I have severe trama to the head.  Buldging discs in my neck and back from top to bottom.  Anyway, I am now disabeled due to head trama.  

My question is this.....I went a pain mgmt doctor and he wants to burn nerves in my neck on disc 3,4 and 5.  Will this hurt?  Will this work?  And if so for how long?  I dont have money to play around on different ideas, this may work, that may not etc.  What do I do??  Whan I wake in the mid night or morning I have neck pain so bad I cant move it, and my right hand is numb, it goes away, but them comes back.  Please help if you have any suggestions or ideas.  I have siatic nerve pain also.  

Thanks for reading this and Im sorry for rambling.  I need a friend so bad.  SInce not working, have no one to talk to.

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I am 63, disabled veteran, with depression and isolation issues. Been in severe low back pain since 1991 and finally my ''dream'' became reality (VA docs assume ALL Vietnam vets are drunks/drug addicts and I never did any illegal or legal drugs nor drank an booze)-I receive  6 --5 mg. Oxycodone daily. I only take an average of 3 or 3.5 pills daily but this has been daily since April 2005- almost 6 years. I am now on my 4th day and 23 hours with NO pill of Oxy. and I really feel like crap, still. I do have the advantage of also having legal Lorazepam and take 1/2 pill= 1 mg-  2 times per day for the jitters. I am also living now in the Netherlands, where weed/hash is legal to buy and use. If I smoke a small hit of weed/hash, I lose all interest in the pain from lack of Oxycodone withdrawal. It bothers me that I am still needing Lorazepam for jitters and weed to cut down withdrawal  misery from Oxycodone consumption. I just wonder when will the severe misery from lack of Oxycodone use subside?!  I do have a flu and runny nose, can this be part of Oxycodone withdrawal, since I rarely have a flu/cold?
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Hello to everyone.
Tens yrs ago I hurt my back so very badly.I have gone Threw many doctors that some were good some were off their rockers, They prejudge and think just because someone takes meds their drug attic's. After seeing a doctor that had me on 17pain meds I finally took myself off  all of them. For the past 6yrs I've been on only 1 and never have a taken anything else.I just wish sometimes that I could be more active.I truly know what everyone is going through when a doctor just says I can't see u no more. Its extremely scary. I've been there so many times.I've been so blessed for the doctor I see now. I want so badly to move back to Chicago but I have never have been able to find a pain doc. I wish everyone has a doc and their meds so everyone can live a stress free,pain free and all content life. MrsKitty
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Venting is like pain killers, no matter how much or how often it doesn't make the pain go away. (SigH) We are talking about Chronic Pain right?...My body is physiologically twice as old as it should be and I have the ailments that go along with being old beyond my years. Too bad I can not say it comes with the same wisdom.  Best most of us can do is just find ways to cope with it. Even with the answer of a diagnosis the fact is chronic pain never really goes away, that's why it is chronic. As well as with chronic illnesses we can not pass that pain onto someone else as much as we'd like to sometimes. Although I like the fact that I am not alone, it angers me that so many people have to suffer. Not just from the pain, I'm talking about the social stigma, the skepticism we receive from medical personnel or the doubt (that comes with B.S. attempt of guilt) we get from our own friends and families pertaining to the seriousness of our pain. Yes, I'm venting and no it has not helped for at this moment I already snapped at my mate. We all suffer in our own way, but the fact is we are not alone. Hang in there everyone!
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hi this my first post after reading a few forums on several topics..first of all im frm south africa with a very bad health system and medical aid i cnt afford at this stage..my problem in short is neck nd shoulder spasms that seem to be caused by this uncofortable feeling in my stomach that ive had for mre than a year..for no reason at all i would suddenly experience dizziness, anxiety and stomach tightning up..this is followed by a muscle spasm in my back, shoulders and neck..it is severe that i have to lie down imediatly as it puts so much pressure on my neck and head that i want to faint..it only gets beter once ive taken am alzam and drink bicarbs or soup to sooth the stomach,them im left with an headache nd floating head affect from the pressure of the attack..ive seen a lot of dr's who diagnosed me with panic attacks..im prety sure its nt that cause it hapens at any time and in non stressd situations..thats just my intro and have a lot mre to share :) ..i hope sumone out there cn maybe recognise my problem and offer sum basic self test or advice..have a nice day ..
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I am from the U.S. in Southern Arizona and I can only say I have experienced similar problems when I moved  from the North Midwest. As I doubt this may be your situation I experience something similar off and on. After going to the doctor several times he told me it was a combination of dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, blood sugar and blood pressure change from over exertion...(a.k.a. Heat Stroke). After a lecture I went home and hydrated made sure I ate right and tried not to over exert myself. Time went by I felt started to feel better and it hit me even harder. So,I went to the hospital and due to my lung disease they thought to do an X-Ray just to be safe. Damn wind had kicked up fungal spore into my lung and I was diagnosed with Valley Fever. Neither of my experiences could apply to you...just thought I'd put it out there. Hope somebody from your region comes up with a better idea. Take Care.
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Hello all,
                My name is Kim, and I have been a Chronic Pain sufferer for 10 years now. It all started with Right Pelvic Pain. Doctors gave me this med after that med after another. Nothing was helping the pain. Finally a Pain Clinic Doctor decided to try a Spinal Cord Stimulator. That has helped the pain alot, but now I suffer Back Pain. Oh, I have a "Mass" in my Right Pelvic area that No doctor seems to know what it is. All they know is that it is Not Cancer, and it Bleeds. Anyway, Now I am haveing alot of Digestive problems and have 4 tests coming up. I just know what it's like to be in pain everyday of your likfe, and doctors just don't seem to care.
Anyway, I am a Nanny of 2 Wonderful Grandchildren, a 4 yr. old boy, Ryan, and a 2 year old Girl, Reiley. They are my Life!! Well, them my Husband(Bless his heart for putting up with me) and my son. I try to live likfe the best I can. Some days are a real struggle to just get out of bed!!
So, that's a bit about me. I just want to share my experiences with others that feel the way I do. Take Care everyone!!
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Hi everyone,
After four years of being active, my knees crashed out on me, and after two years of scans, x-rays, emergency room visits, multiple physios and sports doctors I was finally diagnosed with Bilateral Chondromalacia Patellae/Patella-femoral Syndrome. A year of intense physio and an arthroscopy/lateral release later, I am no better. I cope with Endone, but for an 18 year-old, I have the mobility of an 80 year-old. The worst thing isn't living with the pain, it's being told by doctors, physios and surgeons alike that they've cured me and I should be pain-free. Surgery was probably the biggest mistake I've made, which served only to amplify the pain and destroy the tendons on one side of my knee. I feel lucky that I am blessed with general good health, but I wouldn't wish chronic and debilitating pain on anyone. I can't drive, wear heels, walk for longer than 20 minutes, run, use stairs or give anything less that 100% concentration on my balance at all times.

I hope to gain and give support in this community, it's nice to be in a place where chronic pain is not an imagined excuse.

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hi im trying to find out about rsd and butrans patches and rsd
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I'm already in the Fibromyalgia forum, I've had severe chronic pain throughout my body for many years now, and recently noticed that lumps or cysts form near joint stress points sometimes if I strain a joint. I searched for this symptom, and returned something about "brody's syndrome". Does anyone know anything about this?
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Hi.  I found this forum through search.  I live in California and have rheumatoid arthritis.  I was also diagnosed with fibromyalgia (but not sure I have it) and I have thyroid issues.  I have a lot of pain, mostly in my feet due to the RA and related bone/nerve problems.
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  I just wanted to thank you all for introducing themselves here and want to make sure you all are finding your way around. If you have any questions or just need to talk we will help any way we can:)
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Sandee and Tuckamore:

What's the problem?  I've been an MH member for quite some time. Every now and then I pop over to the PM forum. Recently, I posted on three threads. Two of the posts were deleted. One just last night and it was a sentence!!!   If you would prefer I not post here then send me a PM and explain your reasoning.  

I know the "rules" of MH and I know I haven't violated any.  I think it's because I'm from the SA forum.  What say you?
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I am a new member. At the moment I am in pain from an accident a year ago. Whiplash and bulging disc at C5/C6. I have a constant burning drawing pain from my right shoulder blade up into my neck and occiput. Some cervical disc degeneration. I have tried Chiro, PT, epidural steriod injections, facet inj, rhizotomy, occipital pain blocks, and a trigger point injection where the doc PUNCTURED MY LUNG. Bilateral BC w mastectomies in 07, broken ankle past October.  I am currently on Butrans patch (5) Ultram, hydrocodone, trazodone, & ambien. I have been trying to get off of ambien and decrease the traz from 100 to 50 at night. Also want to quit butrans, but don't know what to expect. I am currently back in PT and feel I am making some progress, but it is a slow go and I am feeling discouraged. My pain isn't extreme, but always there. (Unless i take meds.)
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I am a wife and mother to 4 kids plus 2 step sons and my 2 loving dogs. I had back surgery in june 2010 and am still in alot of pain i have 2 other disk that are herniated they are wanting to do surgery on after surgery they put me no lortabs when i went to see my pain management dr they put me on percocets 7.5 2x a day they are not helping the dr didnt want to increase me yet to see if i was goin to have to have surgery again now they are sending me to physical therapy percocet make me really mean my husband says lol i told the dr so now its a waiting game i dont see him for 2 months what is the next step after percocets
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Can u tell me what the dif is between oxymorphine or m s cotin?
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Hi all,

28 year old male from the Netherlands. I studied language and history (see profile), and am currently looking for a job that does not involve computers or other repetitive movement, because I have chronic pain in the right side of my body (the arm in particular).

My story in short: In May 2007 (in an emotionally turbulent time for me) a chronic pain developed quite suddenly in my right arm, all the way from my shoulder to my fingertips). In the years before I had had some periods of mild RSI and back pains, but this was of a completely different order. After almost 3 years of struggling with this and doing fitness and various exercises to no effect, a chronic pain developed in my right leg (again quite suddenly and in a very stressful period). It was triggered during a race at long distance running (I'd been running for about 45 minutes). Since then the pain in my leg has slowly been getting worse, just like the pain in my arm. I have some pain in my back and right side of my torso as well, and in the last couple of weeks I seem to be developing a chronic pain in the right side of head (mostly in the jaw). I think I grind my teeth in my sleep too. Lately I've also noticed that my right pupil is constantly quite a bit larger than my left pupil (I think this might be connected to my other problems because of this post: http://*****************/question/index?qid=20110116192706AANmnhU).

I've been to various doctors and have had some scans and strength tests (on which nothing abnormal has been found). I'm  going to the gym twice a week to do various exercises, and I'm going to a psychomotor therapist once every few weeks. So far, all this medical help has not relieved the pain at all. The only thing that really seems to help is to keep moving; however I'd like to sit down sometimes and I have to sleep, and then the pain comes back quickly. I take amitryptiline as a painkiller to very little effect.

I've recently asked for an appointment with a neurologist, which is now scheduled at the end of June (apparently the earliest they could do).

I personally think stress and chronic overstraining of muscles could very well be causes of my problems, so I try to avoid those two factors as much as possible. I try to spend as little time at the computer as possible, I make sure I get enough sleep, eat well, and stay fit and healthy in general. So far all this has not led to any significant improvement. Lately I've been starting to pay more attention to possible neurological causes, and the development of pain in the right side of my head, and the large right pupil seem to me to confirm that maybe some muscles are pressing into some nerves.

Anyway, I hope my story and the symptoms ring a bell with some people, and any advice on what I could do (in regards to therapeutical methods, medicine, food, exercises, etc.) to alleviate this pain is greatly appreciated! It's only been getting worse for 4 years now, it's time to change that around.


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This is a wonderful website.  I got on IGuard a couple years ago when I went through withdrawal for methadone addiction.  The friends on made here on the Internet made a lot of difference to me.
Well, now, my second back fusion never healed, I've been fused from T-11 to L-4 and, eight months after my 4th back surgery, I am back on narcotics and Physical Therapy.  Where do we go when we are in pain and lonely?  We look for friends.  I'm back and I appreciate all of you.
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I am new, and not sure if I am doing this correctly.  If I got it wrong, please let me know how to post an intro.
I have been fighting abdominal pain for about 16 months now.  It seems to have been an unexpected result of successful shoulder surgery I had in Dec. 2009.  Nothing against the doctors - I think my body just reacted poorly to the anesthesia.  
Anyway, the fancy doctors in San Francisco finally gave me a diagnosis of visceral hypersensitivity (in other words I feel pain from normal digestive activity).  
I don't want to have to take pain medicine - am terrified of becoming dependent on it - but the pain has taken over my life.  I can't work anymore, and am trying to get disability until I find a solution that will let me eat without being doubled over in pain for the next few hours, but that will still let me function.  The meds tried up to now have either not worked, made things worse, or left me with a brain made out of oatmeal (watery oatmeal at that).  
I am really sensitive to medication, which is one reason there is such a problem finding a solution.  Percocet works, but since my pain is in my stomach, anything I have to swallow is a challenge.  Also, it knocks me out.  I keep telling my doc, just figure out a way I can avoid eating or drinking and I will happily go away and stop bothering you.  
I asked for a referral to a PM doctor hoping for a non-medical treatment (biofeedback, cognitive behavioral therapy or something along those lines), but he really wants me to give the fentanyl patch a try.  I was just started on a 12 mcg Fentanyl patch, after having a big over-sedation issue with the 25mcg strength.  
Anyway, that is me in a nutshell.  I am glad it is spring.  Maybe more sunshine will help us all feel better - at least those of us in the northern hemisphere.  
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I am a new member here.  I have so much going on in my life right now, that I'm looking for a support system. I have had post thoracotomy pain for nine years now. Last November, I fell out of a non-moving train -about four feet, and hurt my back and had lost consciousness and a seizure.  I am still recovering from my back pain. I am finding that dealing with the back pain and the lung  pain is challenging.  I have a good pm dr, although he is pushing me to have a rhizotomy done in his office, because he just learned how to do them.  My research has led me to believe that this is not the best option for me, and I am concerned about his lack of experience.
I have just left my husband of 13 years who has a progressively worsening alcohol addiciton.  He would get verbally abusive, when he drank and would get very self absorbed.  Moving out was the hardest thing I've done in a long time, since I still love him dearly. We are trying to work things out, but I don't see him trying to work with his addiction.  My heart breaks over this.  But leaving that stressful household was the best thing I could do for my health, as my stress levels were extremely high most of the time.
I am looking for a support system that can help me take care of myself and to remind me that changes happen slowly, one step at a time.  Thank you all for reading this.
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i am a new member and in need of assistance in finding information regarding false neg drug testing even though i take methadone 30 mg every day for chronic pain
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My name is Bree, and I stumbled upon your forum when I was looking information about my pain medications, and I thought it would be great to have somewhere to go for support and to be able to ask questions.

I have had over 35 surgeries on my legs and feet, a few reproductive surgeries, then a couple years ago I had an incident with an ATV which resulted in doing a lot of damage to my back.  I look forward to meeting wonderful people who can understand where I'm coming from.

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Hi my name is samantha, and i am a 33yr old women that has all sort of health problems. I have an a 11yr old daughter who lives with her father. My health conditions are scleroderma( CREST) , Fibromyliga and now to boot i have two bulge disks!!
I live my life to the fullest even with all of my problems, I have a great spouse who loves me for me and i'm very thankful for that!!!

If anyone would like to know more about just ask!!
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I'm new here.  I've been lurking over the past couple of weeks.  I'm looking for information and support for pain.

I was born with non-cancerous tumors in my right leg.  I've had 8 surgeries to remove tumors (most of calf has been removed and the tissue behind my knee).  I've had 1 surgery to extend my achille's tendon (I had been unable to use my ankle).  I've had 2 surgeries to extend a tendon underneath my foot and fuse the knuckle is in two of my toes that had been severly bent from walking abnormally (from not having calf strength or ankle movement).

Just started to seek treatment for pain.  Thanks all!
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I am claire and I am 13 years old. I just had arthroscopic knee surgery do I will need help knowing what is normal or not. so if anyone wants to help, id love it:)
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I'm new. So far members are very nice. I don't work and have alot of time on my hands.
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Methadone is not that good for pain. you need something like hydrocodone 20mg and lortab 10mg they work great for pain. I take them daily due to very bad back pain
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hello everyone. Before I even begin, please bare with me as I am still druggy from all of these crappy meds. ok Monday 8/25 I have to see an Ortho specialist because last Sunday, 8/17 I fell and I have a Tibia Plateau Fracture along with torn meniscus. I have been in the hospital for 4 days and on the 3rd night they finally told me what was wrong because I was in agonizing pain. The first 26 hours I was in the ER crying, complaining and getting really angry because I felt like no one was helping me as the ER Dr.:s told me that the X rays and the CT showed no fractures or damages. As I was getting to the point of nowhere and more aggravated, the ER Dr.'s were putting more meds in my IV where I would literally  pass out  and wake up grunting in pain. I was getting up set with my kids, the nurses and certain nurses telling me to shut up because I was disturbing the other patients who had headaches. I was unaware that they put a constant drip line in me for the pain, I thought I had to only push a button to get some medication for the pain. one Dr. tells me to go home which at that point I did want to go home because there was nothing wrong, right? well arguing with my son to come home he finally told me ok, get up and walk out. well the reality kicked in me I couldn't put my foot on the floor. So I said to the nurses and Dr.'s  please, if I don't have anything broken I might have a tear in a ligament because this pain is unbearable. So another Dr. said they had to admit me to have an MRI. Finally hours later, I was  in my room and off the heavy drugs from the ER. On Tuesday 8/19 they send me a PT to walk with the walker and for what,  I'm still in pain! Tuesday afternoon I get the MRI done, and late in the evening 3 DR.'s come in my room and so I say, what's the good news? the same way the ER dr.'s were telling me. the DR;s look at each other and they say " YOU WERE RIGHT"! OK I was right and....? The pain I am feeling is real and not in my head or acting like a junky for pain medication.That was the way they made me feel in the ER!  They said I have a long vertical fracture on the tibia with a torn meniscus. So I told them I'm happy that there is something but up set because of the pain but more importantly I told them to compare the MRI with the x-rays and CT scan, one Dr. said that is what they are going to do, I even told them if or maybe it was not seen because the Dr.'s were tired and ready to leave and change their shift and or they didn't take my pain seriously. the Dr.s didn't give me no answer I would love to get my ER x-rays and see for my self. Wednesday night 8/20 I came home with a full leg brace and they told me I CANNOT put any weight on it, gee...and for 2 days they sent me a PT to walk with a walker which I already knew how from my hip surgery.. ok now I am in bed with my leg lifted to reduce the swelling but the pain is still there and I don't know why but the pain goes all the way down to my ankle. Now what really concerns me is that on this very same leg I was suppose to have a bone graph surgery because when I had my total hip surgery the stem in the femur bone has always been loose causing  pain 24/7 and I was also scheduled to have a total hip surgery on the left leg. Here is where I need real help, when I get off the bed onto my wheel chair I hear and feel a clunk/thump/pop noise exactly where the hip stem ends (where I needed the graph surgery). I had no x-rays, MRI or CT above my knee. when I fell all my weight landed on this leg, I am afraid I might have damaged the area where the loose stem is, and also half of my right buttock side is still numb since the fall. could I have damaged the bone, stem or any nerve in my upper leg? could that be a possibility? And why is my rt side buttock numb? Please can someone willing to be nice and help me here? I don't want to have to go back to the ER. oh yeah and on Monday the 25th the visit is only for the torn meniscus. thank you so vary much.
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