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New to Butrans

I have been prescribed fentanyl and it wouldn't stay on me when I was active bc I'd sweat so my Dr changed me to Butrans 15 mcg plus 10mg of oxycodone for bt.
I have 2 nerves left and right that are damaged , spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, and no fluid between S1-L5... Upon that I have a bakers cyst in my knee and damage to my left hip... I have been on 50 mcg of fentanyl and 6 ten mgs a day for btpm. My tolerance has become high bc I have been in pain since 1999. I never thought there was help and didn't ask. The dr decided I needed it and any dr I have spoken to told me that I'll be on these the rest of my life. I've had 3 nerve blocks and this last one didn't take as well as the other 2 plus one can only have a certain amt of cortisone over a period of time.
He's tried to use me in to doing radio frequency ablation but after doing some research and talking to my chiropractor, I'm in no way going to! Words such as it could, it may, it should are NOT positive reinforcing words. There's a high probability it can do more harm! My pm dr said," after we burn the nerves we will send you home with stronger pain meds bc u will be in a lot of pain for the first month then if it works..." NO WAY! I do NOT want to play with the danger of addiction bc I'm on higher doses!
Anyway, I'm new to Butrans and I can't find the equivalency to let's say if I weren't on this. What is it equal to?
At one point bc I'm sensitive to many meds, I was on 100 mgs of oxycodone a day. The problem with this is the meds have fillers plus the half life. These only last 2.5 hours. If they had me on 30 mgs those can last up to 6 hours and I'd take less.
I'm too young for this and all I want to do is be functional in society and be able to play with my grandkids! I have 6! One on the way! I'm only 52 and like I said, I've been in pain since 1999.
If someone could tell me what the conversion of Butrans 15 mcg is to oxycodone or even morphine that would be helpful. Thx!  
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