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Not sure if it is kidney stones

The day before Thanksgiving I started feeling some pains in my abdomen as if I were having a kidney infection.  So I took some OTC Azo meds to numb the burning sensations when I would go to the bathroom.  Pains got somewhat worse.  I could drive to the doc's office but was really in pain.  Urine test was inconlusive since I took Azo which masked what was in my urine, but the doc gave me a strong antibiotic thinking it was a kidney infection onset.

Thanksgiving morning...I woke up barely able to walk in a vertical position.  I went from a bent over position to almost a fetal position in a matter of two hours.  I was in so much pain I had a hard time talking and had labored breathing.  So I called an ambulance...no Macy's parade or turkey for me!  Yea!  :-(

Hospital took a urine test but didn't see blood.  They also did a pelvic and an ultrasound will no results.  After nine hours of just being dopped up on pain meds, I had excrited dark orange(almost pasty) urine that looked like it had little slivers of something in it.  About 5 minutes later I had the sensation to go again.  This time I say a fingernail sized "fleck" of black at the bottom of the toilet.  After all this I was able to walk out of the ER fine.  Ever since then though I have had some mild pain in the same area and am taking prescribed Percaset that the ER gave me.

Question:  What does a stone look like?  Everyone is telling me that I should have seen blood in my urine, the doc should've been able to see a stone on the ultrasound, and that stones are usually spikey and a tan color.

What's going on?
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Hello stacetheace:

Sorry to hear of the painful abdomen. What you have described also happened to me almost right down to the tee. The only difference was that I had the blood in the urine and the stools. What I was ultimately diagnosed with a really bad Gastrointestinal infection that evidently is sweeping the nation. It is a type of stomach flu that the Hospitals and clinics are seeing an awful lot of this season. My infection eventually went away in approx. 3 wks. from start to finish. I would give this a couple of weeks to run it's course. If you display symptoms after that then I would have more test run. Take care and good luck,
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