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Numbness and severe pain in thigh and knee

I started with numbness in my left thigh.  Within a week I developed severe pain on the outside of my left thigh.  The pain would also go to my knee and inside thigh.  The pain is a burning, stabbing pain.  I am taking darvacet and vicadin.  Does help alittle.  The chiropractor finally did give me some relief by putting me in traction.  I still have the stabbing, burning, tingling pain in my thigh, knee and inner thigh, worse in my top of my knee.  I am scheduled for steriod shots in my back next week.  Hope this helps.  I need relief.  Do the shots hurt and what is the chance of infection??
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There are many views on these injections. Some do find relief and some don't but the ones who do swear by them and the ones who don't think they are a waste of time. It all depends on you and how your body reacts to them and of course the Dr and if he does the procedure correctly.
There are side effects and those who use these injections long term are more susceptible. If you find these do work and plan on getting them again please know the side effects involved.
My Dr refuses to give them as he says it causes more harm than results and the side effects are too risky.
Infection is certainly a risk as I have had problems with this recently although for a different type infection. Take careful measures to insure the site is kept clean and watch the Dr and nurse and make certain they follow protocol for injection procedures.
The pain involved will be minimal and you will have some pain and soreness afterward.
Your pain in your leg/thighs could be from your back , when you tell your Dr which part of your leg is painful they can usually tell which discs are involved. I can not tell you but according to which part of your leg is hurting the Dr can make an educated guess as to which disc is causing it. Certain disc results in different parts of your legs and back hurting for instance yours does not go below the knee.
Have you had test done? An MRI will definitely tell the Dr whats going on as the guess is just that an educated guess.
Good luck and keep us posted.
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