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Ongoing pain after TKR's

I had my left knee totally replace in 2004 and my right in 2006.  Since having them done, I have had consistent pain in both of them.  I believe I had  a pollyanna perspective that once I had them replace, there would be a cessation of all pain and nothing could be further than the truth.  The pan in both of them have been constant and of an aching nature and sometime sharp stabbing pain.  Xrays at the surgeon's office reveal no immediately apparent failure of the joints replacement parts, nonetheless, I continue to bear considerable pain in them both.  I have been on long acting pain management pain meds for at least 3-4 years prior to the surgery for another issue.  I understand that that may have had something to do with pain sensitivity.  My question is:  Is my on-going pain in both knees imaginary or is it possible that both knees are just going to hurt constantly due to ongoing arthritis or should I seek another opinion from another ortho surgeon specializing in TKR?  I do understand from my surgeon that nerves in that area can become trapped in a part of the new joint and consequently feel like the sharp stabbing pain I consistently experience in each knee.
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I have had 10 knee surgeries in the past 10 years all on the same knee. Two of these surgeries were TKR and a TKR revision. My last surgery was in May and I will say some of the symptoms prior to the surgery are better but the pain I deal with is for the birds. I am not expecting to be pain free but what I am dealing with is way too much. My list of surgeries to this knee are
a torn meniscus, the next two to fix the first one, a knee realignment, reposition the knee cap ( I was pain free almost 4-5 years, removal of scar tissue, a partial knee replacement ( 3 years ago ) I switched Doctors due to insurance then a scope for removal of more scar tissue, then the last a knee revision in May. I understand it is going to take time but this is nuts. I cannot do anything requiring walking for any length of time without suffering later. I do take short walks regardless of how I feel because I know I need to keep exercising. I want to go back to work etc but because of this pain I am stuck and at wits end. I am wondering if consulting a pain management Dr. would be helpful at this point?
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Hi JB,

Welcome to the Pain Mangement Forum. I am glad that you have found us but very sorry to hear about your knee pain.

In my personal opinion it is always best to get a second opinion when you have questions or are unsure what direction to go. It just can't hurt. Maybe he/she will have another option for you and a new set of eyes, experience and thoughts cannot be detrimental.

"Bad knees" and TKR strongly run in my family. Each memeber has had a bit different experience. The younger the patient and the more PT seems the most important factor in a successful outcome. Out of at least seven only one still has the same amount of pain as prior to the TKR and one has more. All have had different surgeons and only one said she is sorry she ever had the surgery. Of course this is not a scientific study by any means, just personal observation.  

Personally I think that your previous pain chronic pain issues have little if anything to do with your current knee pain. I do think the arthritis and possible nerve entrapment may be adding to your pain significantly.  

It is my guess you will always have some pain in your knees but there may be some treatments that will help such as steroid injections, a medication in the neurontin family (for nerve pain) or even more PT. But again, I would obtain a second opinion.

I wish you the best and hope that you will keep in touch and let us know how you are doing. I will look forward to your progress updates. I also hope you will consider becoming an active member of our community.

Take Care,
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