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Opiate withdrawal due to addict daughter

I'm in pain management and on Percocet 10mg 6 x day
Fentanyl 100mg patch every 3 days, and 800 mg Gabbapentin 4 x day. At the end of this month I will be without all of these things because my daughter has taken so many pills and patches that I will be without for at least a week before my next refill. My pain management states they will not replace lost or stolen medication. Is there anything at all I can do to avoid opiate withdrawal?
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I second everything backhurtz said.  You didn't mention where you're pain is coming from and what type of pain it is.  You didn't ask, and I don't want to be rude, but you're on fairly hefty doses of pain meds.  I was on very similar meds plus a few more.  I'm not sure how long you've been on it, but I got to a point that I felt like the Fentanyl in particular was having adverse affects.  I'd sort of nod off/nap when I wasn't moving.  I didn't feel present with my kids.  I felt sort of numb and a little out of it.  I'm just wondering if you ever thought of tapering down on your Fentanyl dose a little?  Again, I'm not trying to be rude or be too personal, I just don't want anyone to have to go through what I went through.  Peace.
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Back to your question:  like backhurtz stated, you could find yourself in quite a predicament.  If they drug test you, there's going to be a huge problem.  You could find yourself having to CT of all your meds.  You need to start preparing for that.  As it is, a week of your meds you'll be feeling pretty rotten.  Like backhurtz said, the Thomas Recipe seems to help people with withdrawal symptoms.  Hydration is really important.  Drink, drink, drink. Water, apple, white grape, and pear juice helped me.  Check in here and let us know how things are going.  Have you already run out?  Have you been back to the doctor yet?
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From the drs perspective, those opiates are YOUR responsibility and you should secure their safety and prevent ANY ACCESS by anyone they are not prescribed for, including your family members.
Allowing her to obtain your prescribed pain meds can result in legal and liability issues for both you and your doctor.
Why have you not secured the meds in a med safe, or other secure location to prevent her getting them?
Fentanyl deaths occur daily around this country bc people who are not properly tapered come in contact with it, or it is mixed with illegal drugs and people die.
I don't mean to be harsh, but knowing you have an addicted relative makes it even more important that you properly secure your meds.
Since you will have run out a week before your appt, it is very likely that you may very well be tested for compliance, and fail since none of either opiate will be in required amounts in your system. Typically, that results in dismissal.
If that occurs, you will likely have a very difficult time getting into another pain management doctor, or find one willing to prescribe opiates for quite some time.
As far as withdrawal, there is something called the Thomas Recipe, to help ease symptoms of withdrawal, imodium to manage diarrhea, coke syrup eases nausea, Gatorade to replace fluids.
I do wish you the best, but am really concerned about the ongoing theft of dangerous meds and an addicted family member who seemingly has ready access to them and the potential for a real legal issue coming for you and your doctor if she does od..
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