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Oxy 240mg/day vs 20mg Methadone per day??????

Please help me - my PM DR of 4 years has just "changed his practice" and for 2 months have been trying to find a new dr for severe MVA caused lower back pain (11 yrs) - For 4 years I've been taking 30mg. Roxis at 8 per day... Now today I found a DR willing to treat me, but he's switched me ... all at once ... to only TWO 10mg Methadone pills per day ... no ER or time release ... Just 2 10 mg. pills...
Now listen - I would LOVE for this to work,: No WDs, pain relief and my normal productivity (I am a wife, Mother and work 18 hrs a day in the media industries with a career that's GROWING, unless I get sick) ... I am not an addict, but I -of COURSE - am physically dependent. However, all my meds have done is give me my normal life back and allowed me to have a happy family. Now it's being taken away through nothing I did.

PLEASE ADVISE ... Am in N NJ/Poconos if anyone can refer me to a good DR. SO SO SCARED. Thank you.

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I think your best bet is to google pain management doctors in your area or look them up in the yellow pages.  I know how hard it can be to find a good pain doctor.  I also understand your worries about the methadone.  From what I understand, you need a much lower dose of the methadone than other pain meds.  My doctor had suggested methadone at one point, but after a lot of research, I decided against it.  I have to admit, though, that I do not have great pain control.

Have you started the methadone yet?  How do you feel it's working for you?

I think no matter what we're prescribed we need to do our homework on it.  All medications have side effects and there are pros and cons to all of them.  This may be the best med for you but only you can know that.

Is your doctor willing to change you off the methadone if you find it isn't a good fit for you?  I'm not in your area but maybe someone else will have some ideas for doctors near you.  Best of luck and I hope you let us know how the methadone is working for you.
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It sounds like your doctor wanted to get you on a long-acting medication, which is usually a good thing.  Methadone has been unfortunately demonized over the years because it's used to stabilize opiate addicts.  It's an old, cheap, and very effective long-acting pain medication.  You really can't compare methadone vs. oxycodone on a mg-to-mg basis because methadone is a more potent medication.  While any medication can be abused, the long-acting meds aren't as sought after by addicts as the short-acting meds like roxicodone.  That's another plus that doctors consider when they offer opiate therapy.

Any time you change medications you can expect problems.  It takes time for your body to adjust so pain levels can fluctuate, you might experience some withdrawal or be overmedicated for a short time.  If you don't keep your doctor informed about your reactions he can't do anything about it.  I'm guessing here, but he's probably waiting to see if you even need short-acting breatkthrough meds with the methadone.  Give it a chance and see what happens.  So much of pain management is trial and error.  Here's hoping the methadone will work for you!
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Thanks to you both for taking the time to write ... I've had my very last Roxi this morning and it's gone now... So far the Methadone has been effective at both pain control and reducing WDs from my meds. My husband is amazingly supportive and that helps, too. Will let you all know how tomorrow is ... Had a kinda rough sleep without my meds, but I guess that's to be expected ... Oh! I'm taking them half at a time and def need more than 20mgs a dose ... I'm taking abut 40 mgs every few hours and I'm not sick at all. Better? I'm able to work today... That's the thing I was most worried about... Thank you! kate ~
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Make sure you don't run out early, that will be a violation of the pain contract AND you will feel awful... taking 40mg instead of 20mg gives you only a 15 day supply instead of 30.  I would never let my doctor know I ran out if I did... I know you should be honest and all that for real it could cause all kinds of problems... I am going to hurt for the rest of my life, I can't afford to loose meds before I even turn 35. Please be careful.  Methadone is crazy scary. You can take too much and not realize it and never wake up, not trying to scare you but its crazy they gave you that... I would ask about MsContin (morphine sulfate) which is extended release or fentanyl patch.  Good luck.
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Glad you're not having much trouble with it.  Everyone needs to do what's best for them, and if this is a good fit for you, then it's all good.  I've had to switch a lot of meds around, short-acting, long-acting, and I always have a few issues, sometimes big ones, other times little ones, but it all works out in the end IF you have an open, honest relationship with your doctor.   Keep us posted on how it's going.
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I am a little confused. If you took your last roxi yesterday morning when did you start the methadone? Why are you only taking 1/2 of what was  perscribed to you? Maybe if you take it as perscribed you will get better pain relief, and not run out in 15 days.
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Hi there-
I am confused-
Are you taking 40 mg of Methadone every few hours? Or are you on two meds now?
Methadone and Oxycodone now? !o mg of Methadone twice a day and Oxycodone 240 mg/day? Because i was reading it as you were changed to just two 10 mg Methadone and that was it.
Good to hear that you are able to work with the med change and have good support! That is great.
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I am on Methadone 10mg twice a day for Chronic arm pain, i wouldnt trade it for any other narcotics. it doesnt make me high, it just takes the pain away and some days i dont need that second one. So it would be good if u can give it a try.. that was the best move my dr did in 2005
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That still doesn't explain what u said when u said u were breaking them in half and taking  40mg a day when indeed u said u were prescribed 20 mg a day; yet, u say that's the best move ur dr has made. How is that, when apparently u need more than the 20mg prescribed? It sounds fishy to me. Almost like drug-seeking behavior; and who knows, that  may very well be why the dr switched u from Oxys to methadone, which is an opiod antagonist.
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Blueeyed is no longer active in our community - nor are any of the other posters. Her response was posted on a very old thread - and old threads get little visibly and often no responses. She was not the originator of this thread.

She posted once. I don't see where she said what you accused her of saying. Some physician's believe Methadone to be excellent in managing pain and studies support them. It has nothing to do with drug seeking behavior.

Please be kind when you are in our community.

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