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I am a chronic pain patient and on DSHS.  The only meds for pain covered by this are Morphine and Methadone (as far as the "Big Dogs" go).

I take 4   30mg Morphines per day and my pain isn't even touched.  Morphine has never worked for me - had a Hysterectomy 7 years ago - Morphine pump didn't work 4 pain and was switched to Dilaudid, which worked.
Problem is that my Dr. refuses to prescribe pain even though I have heard its a good pain med and my Husband takes it - he's had 3 back surgeries.

Does anyone know of a Pain Doctor in LACEY, WASHINGTON (State).  I'd like to give Methadone a try, plus I heard it helps with opiate cravings which I suffer from.

Any help out there?     LACEY, WASHINGTON (state)   Thanks
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i would be carefull with methadone unless u plnned to stay on it forever.. it is the worst drug for pain to get off of.. have a very good freind that was on methadone for 2 years to get off of other opiates and finally had to cold turkey and was in withdrawl real bad for about 6 weeks.. i have another friend who is a abuse counsler and had toold me that methadone is harder to get ofof then herione.. fined a good pain mangement dr and go from there please make methadone your last choice
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Hey, Isn't it insane that the only meds covered for you are indeed the "big dogs"?! I'll tell you, I was prescribed methadone for a year and it was extremely effective. Practically no pain at all-I was able to work and function just fine. It was magical! However, it is a "big dog" with the potential to bite. Once you're on that, nothing else compares. Morphine doesn't work for me either-go figure. My doc suddenly stopped practicing-I had no warning whatsoever- and detox was a *****. A lot of (most) docs will not prescribe it. I guess it should be a last resort, but it really works well. Be careful, and good luck.
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Hello Tiger:  Here are a few Pain Doctors who specialize in the area. They are located near Lacy, Washington. I hope this helps. Take care, Mollyrae

Kyong H Kim DO    Pain Management
Puget Sound Interventional Pain Clinic, P.S.

11306 Bridgeport Way, SW, Suite D, Lakewood, WA, 98499
approx. 16.3 mi from Lacey, WAElizabeth F. Cook MD    Pain Management
Puget Sound Spine Institute

19264 208th Ave SE, Suite 202, Tacoma, WA, 98405
approx. 19.41 mi from Lacey, WAJoseph F Jasper MD    Pain Management
Advanced Pain Medicine Physicians, ****

1628 S Mildred St #105, Tacoma, WA, 98465-1613
approx. 19.73 mi from Lacey, WA
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Hi Tiger,

I am sorry you are in such pain. We all know what that is like on this forum and can relate. I am happy to see that Mollyrae was able to provide you with some names of physicians.

I will not tell you or advise you which pain medication to take, they all have their downfalls, especially the "Big Dogs." What works for one doesn't necessarily work for another.

What I will advise you is to find one that works well. I realize that 6 weeks of horrific withdrawals are not desirable but would you trade that to be pain free and functional for two years or more years? All things are relative.  

Good luck to you. Please let us know if you are able to locate a good PMP. Take Care and Peace, Tuck
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What do you mean  6 weeks oh horrific w/d?
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Hi Tiger,

Jollyman said that Methadone caused 6 weeks of "real bad" w/d. And I have heard other members say it is horrific to withdrawal from Methadone. Still others have used the same or similar additives to describe w/d from any "Big Dog" med.

My point was would you rather have years of controlled pain on a Big Dog med and than have to suffer six weeks of w/d sometime down the road or would you prefer no years with pain relief. Physicians move, patients move, laws or minds or conditions change and sometimes ppl are no longer prescribed the Big Dog medication. I personally would take the years of good pain control even if it meant for some reason down the road I would suffer w/d. I would take the chance conditions may change. That was my point. Sorry if I wasn't clear.

Peace, Tuck
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I am currently on methadone for chronic pain I take up to 120mg twice a day, most days I only take 60-80mg 2X  daily though.  At my worst I was taking 160mg three times daily and I was on the duragesic patch 100mcg too.  I am now off the patch...and have my life back.  I tried Kadian & Oxycontin before I tried Methadone and it's much better.  

I know have my life back and over the years I have been able to slowly take less and less of the methadone w/no problems.  My doctor used to say "At some point I don't think your going to need it at all", I used to think, yeah right!  Well now I believe him....and despite the fact everyone says methadone is hard to get off of it's been worth it for me to get my life back.  I was suicidal at one point....lost a job and relationships.  You have to decide what is best for you.  

Best of luck!
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i im in pain constantley im 31 every disc in my back and neck are deterating and ruptured or tore or collapsed ive tried several dif pain meds but eveyone says methadone will help me better im 100% disabled but dont know any dr that write methadone in ttown can someone please give me some drs i can call on thank you!!! Im so tired of living with this pain and cant afford the methadone clinic!! thanks jade
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