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Pain, morphine, and other pain control(sorry--long)

I'm being treated for low back pain(spinal stenosis).  I was sent to pain management office last June.  I was started on 50MG of tramanol hcl 2x daily.  In July I was given 15 MG morphine sulf IR twice a day.  I got spinal shots twice and PT.  I improved but was still in pain.  In September they added 15MG morphine sulf ER twice a day.  I got another spinal shot in December.  The pain changed from running down my leg to just being in my lower pain and butt cheek.  The Doctor left the clinic and I got a spinal shot again in March with new doctor.  For the first time I noticed relief from the spinal shots and told them so.
But my pain was still in lower back, and sometimes running down my leg.  I am very active doing yard work, building, and lifting. I got morphine scripts in May and June and I called in July to come in for refills and get drug test,  They called me back and said the P.A. decided I was doing better as indicated in April and they send a script in for Codeine #3 taking 5 for 3 days, decreasing by a tablet a day every three days till gone.
I was pissed.  I have a rental property that tenants destroyed and maintenance on three other houses, and I was in pain through the end of May, June and the start of July.  My pain level was 7 to 8 most days and about 2 or 3 nights I could not sleep because of the pain. But the P.A. hadn't talked to me since April.
I started looking for a new pain management place.  The pharmacist was concerned about the Codeine #3 not being enough to wean me off of the morphine.  I cut down the morphine and started living in pain all of the time.  I have appointment with new pain clinic on the 18th but I don't know how I am going to make it but I'm sure I will.
Is this a normal way to deal with a patient?  I don't think I was misusing the morphine, if anything I think I should have talked to them about the pain I was still in but the P.A. thought I shouldn't do what I normally do.  I should hire someone to do it.  If I wanted a to plant a garden, instead of tilling it--I should hire it out.  Same with the grass, hire someone to cut it.  
Now I wonder if I am going through withdraw on the morphine.  The codeine #3 doesn't do anything for my pain levels and I don't think it is doing anything for the withdraw.  I feel achy, headache, sweating and pain at 7 without doing anything today.  
Thanks for reading all of this.  I hope I can find some help and
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The PA is correct. If you have a pain level of 8 a true 8 there is no way you could be in any kind of shape to do the work you are saying. No amount of will power will get an 8 pain level doing physical work. That's how it's looked at , fair or not, it's true and the only subjective question to ask how bad is your pain.  Also it is foolish to be on morphine and till gardens and mow grass etc. says so on the bottle. They are not likely to help you as your actions and statements don't equal out. Good luck with that.
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