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Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas .  I haven't been on here in awhile, I have been busy trying to get through work everyday and come home and do the home thing . It has been hard because no one knows your pain but you.
I had the Myelogram in June and it eased my pain for awhile ,but still have to take pain and antiflamitory meds.My pain is starting to slowy come back like before the myelogram!? My doc. says if you are not hurting like before than you are getting better - ha? Anyway, I get a form to fill out to go to a Pain Clinic - Why ?  thanks
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Oh , sorry about ^ that last post. I had a myelogram and then I had 2 of those injections at the same time in my lower back.
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The myelogram is a diagnotic test rather than a therapeutic procedure performed when other less invasive tests of the spinal cord, nerve roots and subarachnoid spaces are normal or inconclusive.  I'm not familiar with your condition from past postings so I'm guessing that the myelogram revealed nothing that surgery could help.  It's logical to try the steroid injections in that case.  As you already know, relief from steroid injections doesn't last forever.  About 6 months is average from what I've read and some people get no relief at all.  Some lucky people never have pain again once the nerve signal calms down for a few weeks.

It sounds like your doctor is referring you to a pain clinic for long-term management of your pain because there is nothing further he can do for you.  Is he a surgeon or some other kind of specialist?  This is not at all uncommon and perfectly appropriate.  If the source of your pain cannot be fixed, then all that's left is to treat the pain; hence the referral to a pain management doctor.

Try to remember that pain management is all about the management of pain rather than curing it.  We CP-ers all have to learn how to live with a certain amount of pain no matter what is thrown at it.  The goal is to make your pain manageable enough for you to carry on with most of the activities that make you who you are and define your life.  If you go into this with realistic expectations of improvement, then you're more likely to keep on keeping on without too much physical and mental anguish.  If you go into it expecting to take meds and return to your pre-injury lifestyle, you'll end up frustrated, disappointed and depressed.  Make sure you have a good talk with the doctor about your goals and what you can realistically expect from any therapy that is offered.  Best of luck to you and keep us updated on how you do!
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