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Pain Clinics

When kicked out of one. Can I find another?
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First of all Welcome to the Pain Management Forum!! I'm glad that you found us here.

If you could give a little more info of what happened we'd be able to help you a little more. It depends on a lot of different things.  

I'm sorry that you are in a lot of pain and put in this position. We want to help if we can. :)

I'm assuming that you failed a drug screen, possibly a urine analysis? Was it a positive for two much meds or meds that you shouldn't have been taking or you didn't take but it said that you did? Or was it a negative and you didn't take all of them or you did take them but they didn't show up in the screen?

Please give some more info so that we can try to help.

We're here to help you and to help each other. Again I'm so glad that you found us..Sherry
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I had to go to the hospital and they gave me some vicodian. Also my back was giving me more trouble and had to take extra. This did not happen all at once.
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I also have heart failure. And the pain does not help my condition.
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I think you need to be a little more clear.  Why did you pain clinic stop treating you?  Was it because you went to the ER?  Diid you break a contract you had with them?  There's people here who know much more than I do, and I'm sure they'll be on later, but for you to get good answers, I think you need to be a little more detailed in the information you're providing.
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Hi Grampy:  I'm so sorry you're in this position.  If all you did is go to the ER for pain relief, that would seem to be unfair to boot you out for that.  But that depends on what your doctor's pain contract and policies are.

We're not trying to be difficult or nosy but there is simply not enough information yet to help you out, if we can.  There will be more people around later.  So if you could give us more info, I'm sure someone can help you find your answers.

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my urine test had none of the pain meds the give me 3 months in a row. now i am under review. will they cut me off?
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The last time you posted was in 2010.  What's been going on since then?  Again, to get good information, you need to give a little more information on what's been going on, what you're treated with, etc.

There are times when it seems for no reason the meds don't show up in the urine test.  Have they done a blood test?  The blood test is more accurate.  They could cut you off as when things don't show up they tend to believe you're selling your meds rather than taking them.

Again, there are people here with a lot of knowledge and hopefully others will chime in, but I don't think you're giving enough information for anyone to really help as much as they could.
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