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Pain Contracts in Minnesota

Ive been a pain patient at a certain Spinal clinic in Springlake Park Mn for over 4 years. I had an initial urinscreen with the pain contract. Every few months I finish my meds from 2- 4 days early. I have a spinal cord injury. Doctor says pain will never go away. Then after 3 years and telling the pain doctor I finish my meds early and im not geting enough pain relief they do a urine screen. They say Im not taking my meds..and found other meds in my system from ER visit after falling and hiting head possibly breaking cervical fusion. The doctor says,,take your meds on time or I will have to notify the DEA. SMH I say are you here to help me or punish me because your not giving me the right dose or right meds? He says,,ok,,i see you were in the er no problem,,,Then today just 30 days later says I have come up for a random screen again.   I even told him i finished a few days early,,Im in unbareable pain,,please give me another shot into my cervical spine and up or change my meds..The doctor just keeps perscribing the same meds and the same dose no matter what I say.   ANy thoughts or ideas how to find a diffrent doctor ? pain doctor.. The anterior screws they told me they could remove after the fusion worked could be removed,,,now they say its to dangerous,,and i will have to live in pain,,,Posterior and Anterior 4 level fusion. Starting to feel like they are the reason Im in so much pain and want me to just go away. Any Thoughts??? Thanks in advance.
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Hi Michael,

Welcome to our Pain Management Forum. I am so very sorry to hear about your situation and chronic pain. If it helps to know, you are not alone. I hear this so often - and I too walk in your shoes.

I know how difficult it is to make the small amounts of pain management meds our PMP prescribe today last a month! That said it's imperative that you do - as your UDT (Urinary Drug Test) will always be "off" - n sadly you could lose PM all together!  Some how you have to figure out how to do that - without adding anything that is not prescribed for you.

Reporting you to the DEA is pretty drastic. Be cautious. I've read from other members that their PMP have actually "banned" them from going to other PMPs. Once you're discharged from a PM Clinic it's next to impossible to find another one that will treat you. I don't mean to frighten you - I just want you to be aware of the very real possibilities.

If you are uncomfortable - or dissatisfied with your current PMP - now is the time to look for another. I can't guarantee you'll find someone that will prescribe more opiates for you - but you may find one that will treat you better and offer more procedures that could reduce your pain. Another PMP may look at changing your opiates - or adding non-opiates that could reduce your pain.

Do an internet search PMPs in your area - or even a few miles away. Look at the Reviews of their patients. That will tell you a lot. I'd avoid PM Clinics that use the words, Interventional Pain Management. That usually indicates they prescribe no opiates at all.

The DEA, FDA and now the CDC have all joined together in what I call The War of Pain Management Patients. Guidelines are given that become "law" to our PMP. I've read that the goal is to someday soon RX no opiates accept in stage 4 Cancer Patients, yes Stage 4. It's barbaric! Sadle many of the medical practitioners dance to these Guidelines. The fear of losing their medical licenses or fighting the DEA is real - and impossible to ignore.  How can we fight this opiate-phobic climate? There are ways - but it'll take time before we see this pendulum in pain management begin to swing back a bit.

My heart goes out to you. I get it - and many of us do! We're trapped in this new climate and have little recourse. I would search for a new PMP. It sounds like you can't do much worse.

Hang in their my friend in pain. I'll look forward to hearing more from you.

Take care of yourself,
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I also am struggling with pain management. I recently moved and am 2 hours from my PM office. I went to a local Dr. for a Consultation. I have recently just started having knee and foot pain, so bad I can't walk on it in the morning.. Along with severe central stenosis and lumbar stenosis. I have had 4 surgeries in the past 2 years. 2 neck , 1 shoulder and hysterectomy. I have been getting injection after injection and nothing is helping. I asked the new Dr his opinion, I told him I was out of my meds because it was unbearable and explained it wasn't enough for my pain what I'm being prescribed. I have been on it for 2 years now. He said he would take care of me and run tests and xrays to find out what may be causing this. Do I have RA or Fibromyalgia? He had me sign for him to treat me for the new issues. He said he was going to call in my medications and he didn't. So is my prescription I have voided for a few days from now from PM since he made me sign?
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You can not be seen by two different physicians for pain treatment, nor obtain pain meds from two different physicians.
Did you notify the PM you have been seeing that you were leaving and signed a new contract with the new doctor you saw?
Which doctor gave you the prescription?
Since you signed a new contract, you can no longer use any meds left from your previous doctor, nor fill any prescription you may have gotten from him. You need to let them know you signed a new contract with another dr.
As far as the new doctor goes, he is officially your new provider.
Just so you know, running out early, no matter what your reasons are is automatic grounds for immediate dismissal and discharge.
You technically violated your previous contract by accepting meds/prescriptions from the new dr before advising your previous dr you were leaving the practice to seek treatment elsewhere.
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I have no easy answers for you. I'm thinking of looking for a new PM spine MD, it seems that once you have a failed fusion you become a pariah in the medical community. I would think they would have you physical therapy/different dosage. And sometimes it times to change the medication, if you've taken a certain muscle relaxer for over 5 years it probably needed switched. Sometimes you have to remind them. Don't act like you're just seeking more drugs. It's a shame because they have your records and should know your level of pain.  I've heard of PM that perscribe compounded drug (cocktails) like. A combination of certain drugs. Sounds like it may be time for a fresh pair of eyes on your condition. Hang in there.
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Hi. I also had to live with pain for a long time. I have been changed doctors many times, my treatment has been changed, and I have taken painkillers. Just a case helped me, I got to a good specialist who examined my case, and correctly dosed painkillers. I hope you feel better.
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Just a reminder for everyone currently under the care of a PM doctor/contract. IF you are consulting with a new PM doctor and are going to change to the new practice- END your contract via certified letter to your existing PM practice telling them you are switching to a new PM PRACTICE with an effective date. Do NOT accept or fill any prescriptions /refills from the new practice until you have severed your care with the first doctor.
When I switched practices- I made appts with several practices as CONSULT appts, to see what they would recommend as far as treatment/medications. I showed them my current medsin the bottles at the time so they knew when I would need refills 3 weeks later. We scheduled my next appt for a med fill before I left. I immediately went home, typed up and signed a letter thanking my previous doctor for their care but informing them as of that date I would no longer be their patient. I hand delivered one copy, sent another certified /registered mail and had it included in my med record at both practices. It’s the best way to protect yourself-and ensure there was no disruption in medical care or medication refills.
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