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I see a pain mgt doctor where I live and he has me on a pain mgt contract.  I was talking to my buddy who lives in the Albany, NY area, and he is going through similar pain issues that I am.  I talked with him about the pain mgt contract but his problem is that he doesn't know where to start.  His doctor doesn't want to give him Rx for his pain and he wants to find a doctor who is "liberal" with pain Rx.  I was lucky, I found my doctor through word of mouth and have been very happy with him.  So my question is, does anyone in the Albany area know of any pain doctors that are not afraid to write pain Rxs, and if not, how does someone start the process of finding such a doctor without sounding like a drug seeker?  He is so frustrated with this situation.  Thanks for the help, and I will pass this info on to him.  
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Hi, i also had bak cage implant, i had drop foot. Foot is still not the same, i can move it again, but its tingly numb.. sciatic pain, lets see that was on april 1st, 2000..   Everyday is a challenge, i have been denied social sec disability twice, i was so broke, no one too help. I went back to operating heavy equipment. Child support, and cost of living, i lost everything, i even went to college but i was never good at books.  so I only know heavy equipment, back hoes, loaders, skid steers, rollers, sheepsfoot ect ect ect.  So i not only have the jarring, i have more pain. But i have to say the surgery was a good choice.  DONT GET ME wrong i hurt daily, hell im shoveling snow for cash now.  I make good  money 6 or 7 months a year but I earn that cash physically, alot of tears. ive been hurting lately and  I have not been on meds for over 7 years, i just deal with it, but im really hurting aqs of late 8-(   so i did a google tonight on bak cage  i had it on l5-s1  if anyone has advice on what meds, i should ask and who should i go to a pain clinic.  Im not saying i need pills daily, but somedays i cry litterally fricken cant move, but go on with my day because i have no choice..  I was takin oxycotin 20 mg  like i said that was 7 years agao.   I need something just on those days i cant handle the pain, which isnt often but they do come, depends how i sleep and what i do for physical work that day.  anyone have advice, ive been out of the doctor scene,  I HATEW doctors im scared, only go in if its life or death, but my pain has been intolerable as of late.  Any1 with advice on what meds, you are on and what doctor to go to please send me a direct email to  david   at this email addresss.   ***@****        thanks and good luck to you, if you have a question i try and help im living with l5-s1   had no choice...... Respectively,  David from Green Bay, Wisconsin
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Hi Bob,

I am sorry but I know nothing about NY. I do know there are members on this forum from that state. It is the weekend and therefore a bit slower for responses than most days.

Other's will post shortly. If you do not get a response in the next few days you may want to try again as members check in ever so often. Good luck to you. I hope you are able to obtain some helpful information.

Take Care, Tuck
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Hi Bob,
You can do a search on the web for pain specialist in your area or call around using your local yellow pages. I can't tell you how to go about getting a good pain management doctor other than to say you just have to get a referral and keep looking until you find one that is willing to give you alot of different option on how to control your pain. A good pain management doctor will not just give you pain meds the first visit with no history or test, or give them to you just because you want them to treat your pain. A good PM doctor will sit down and go over all of your results and talk to you about what you have tried and what has worked and has not worked and then give you all the options available to you that he/she is willing to offer. It is difficult to find a good Pm Dr but as I have said in the past it will be well worth the effort and frustration to keep looking until you find the one that is right for you.
as far as pain medications if you are only needing them on days when your pain is too unbearable then a short acting medication will work. if you want to keep your pain at a tolerable level and prevent the extreme flare ups then you need an extended release medication with a short acting one for break through pain. If you find a good PM doctor he/she will know what will be best for you from your past history, your test results and what has/ has not worked in the past.
I know it is very aggravating looking for a good doctor but don't give up they are out there you just have to be willing to find them.
Keep us posted and let us know if we can help you further or if you just want to vent or need support we are here:)
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This is an old post....Poster is probly not here anymore...See Davids post
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