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Pain Management for Scoliosis

So here's my dilemma. I'm 25 years old. I've been diagnosed with Scoliosis since Middle School. I forget the curve but it's BAD. Like, you can look at me and tell I have it. I'll include a picture for an example. I've needed surgery since Middle School but was so scared and kept putting it off until my dad lost his job and I no longer have insurance. I've been in constant pain for YEARS.

I have an extremely high pain tolerance so have just tried to suck it up but now I have a 9 month old child and it's getting to the point where I can't even pick her up sometimes because I'm in so much pain. My mom was prescribed multiple pain medications and would give me some here and there when my pain was especially bad so I know WHAT works for me but obviously if you go in with names, you look like a drug seeker. At this point, I'll try anything: chiropractor and physical therapy (already tried both unsuccessfully). I'll try acupuncture. Anything! But the problem is I have no insurance and don't qualify for Medicaid.

My question is, if I can scrape up enough money to self-pay at a doctor, who should I go to? A pain management doctor? A spine specialist? I know I need surgery but there's no way I'll be able to afford it (especially with no insurance) but do you think they'd still be able to help me?

I'm so tired of drug addicts ruining it for people that NEED help. At what point do they stop worrying about people becoming dependent on medication and start worrying about leaving people SUFFERING in excruciating pain? I've reached my breaking point and my pain threshold and I just need HELP.
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I think you should go to both a spine doc and a pain management doctor. Both my son and I have been through the surgery. My son hadit at 18, and mine I didn't have till I was 54 and I only had it because organ function was affected and it became an emergency.

You are obviously in real pain and any good pain manangement specialist will know that. You are not a drug seeker for the sake of a high, and you should be able to get a prescription for your worst pain. Do take it only to take the edge off.

I am now 62, and was left with a lot of pain after my spine surgery, my surgery had to correct both a kyphosis in my lower spine and the scoliosis in the upper. Now I have pain in my neck I couldn't feel before. My surgery was not for pain relief really but as I said, my organ function was threatened. I startd taking tramadol over the past year and now am trying to come of it. I don't recommend tramadol as it is a rathe insidious drug that also has a sneaky antidepressant in it. I'm going to a pain mgement doc in a bigger town with more experience, hoping he can help both step down from mytramadol and help the pain.

God bless you. Again, my advice would be go to both. Please keep us updated.
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P.S. When I say only take your meds to take the edge off, of course I am referring to a prescription for anything addictive. They may be able to find an alternative. You would be surprised at how a "nonaddictive" personality can become physically dependent. . .you just want all the pain gone. I was never wanting drugs till excruciating pain, but this tramadol stuff hit me hard

I'll send you a friend request.
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Thank you for the advice!!

Since I'm not in a good financial place, I'm trying to figure out which one would be better to go to if I'm a self-pay patient. I don't want to waste a couple hundred dollars for no reason. :( It *****. No one should have to suffer like this.

I hope you can find the mix of meds that helps you perfectly.
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Yeh, I'd say pain management in that case. The spine doc really would be likely to say you have to have surgery. ..and if you can't, you can't.
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