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Pain Medication in Maryland

Hello, I am in severe pain, I have been on narcotics for over a year. I recently moved to another part of the state of maryland and had to change doctors. When the new doctor found out that I was on pain meds she looked at me like I was crazy. On the second visit she asked for a urine sample. On the third visit she told me that they found methadone, eythel,  and some other stuff in my system but none of my meds. she is now telling me that I can't get anymore pain pills because they supposedly also found cocaine in my urine also. sorry lady i dont do illegal drugs, i am a law student. well truth be told i just got frustrated and told her thats fine! I need my pain medication. I have degenerated disc disease in my spine along with arthritis and 2 bulging disc and i am consistently in pain. What can I do now?? I need help please, i am suffering!!
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Hi and sorry you are going through this pain. Are you part of a methadone clinic ? Who normally prescribes your meds?  Can your original Doctor speak with your new doctor about what medication your on. Some pcps don't interpret drug screens right and what she is thinking is cocaine can very well just be one of the meds you are on. Or it could be a contained sample. Either have her retest or. If possible I would find another dr . If you have been taking methaodne and just stop not only will you be in even more pain but you will go through severe withdrawals.
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Hi Tigger,

I am so sorry to hear about your situation. Sadly I hear it here all too often. We have become an opiate-phobic society. More and more Medical Providers are being poisoned by the incomplete literature and inaccurate media reports. Chronic Pain Patients are often viewed - and treated as second class citizens. We are not the addicts - we are not selling our opiates - we take opiates responsibly, for a reason and as ordered - but little of that matters. We are seen as guilty of this Heroin epidemic.

I'm curious as to what UDT (urinary drug test)  was utilized by your current Provider - and who analyzed the results? Was the chain of custody followed to the letter?

Opiates metabolize into different substances. If not interpreted correctly it can appear that you have not been compliant - or have ingested opiates that were not prescribed.  Chemistry has been and remains a challenge to me. If you research UDT and opiate metabolites we'll learn a lot.

Your question is what now? Unfortunately the UDT has found you guilty. That's your judge and jury.  You have no rights. The DEA, FDA, CDC and so forth have stripped them from you.  Another PMP will likely not treat you - indeed won't even give you the benefit of the doubt - or the time to ask questions.

If I were in your position I would request all your medical records, including the the UDT report. Fine out where it was done and read the results. Educate  yourself on UDTs, metabolites and so forth. You may indeed uncover an error - or even better understand the testing than your Provider. It may provide you with ammunition to challenge your Providers guilty verdict.

I assume you have a year or more of medical records that say you were compliant and outline the reason(s) for your pain. You'll need those also. Begin your search for a new provider.  It may take some time - and you may not find another but you must try. It's your only hope.

I've often said on our forum that it will take an astute, go-getting attorney to help us Chronic Pain Patients get some rights back - to change this unfair climate. Guilty, without ever being able to present our case - guilty without a jury of our peers, guilty without representation? If this were to happen in any other situation there would be an uproar to the injustice. Now - I think  if you listen closely you'll hear applause! This is democracy? I think not!

I wish I had better suggestions for you! I don't know of any. My heart goes out to you! Every Chronic Pain Patient fears the position you find yourself in. I hope you'll be active in our forum. I'll look forward to hearing more from you. Hope to hear from you soon.

Best of Luck,
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Find another doctor and get a referral to pain management. There are other things and meds that will cause a false positive, not to mention they make mistakes too
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You're right - but given the accuracy of the new UDT PMPs do not give the benefit of the doubt. If you're dismissed by one PMP for "failing" a UDT - regardless if it's not correct - it's very, very difficult to find a PMP that will treat you.

You should never give up by any means but be prepared that your search may take months. It's a sad fact

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There are new Federal guideline for prescribing opiates
it came out March 16, 2016
It's at the CDC website

I think a lot of doctors are now claiming illegal drugs in patients urine to get out of issuing opiod prescriptions to patients
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