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Pain Meds/New Dr

I have been on pain meds since 2008, Percocet 5/325. I suffer from arthritis as well as DDD in my lower back, affecting my L4, L5 and S1.  I was able to get by with 1-2 pills per day until 6 years ago when I had a complete hysterectomy.  I am not sure what happened during that surgery but it changed everything.  My back pain intensified and I got to the point that I could barely pick up my feet enough in the morning to slide on slippers.  I would sit on the toilet for at least 20 minutes because I was not able to get back up.  I would take 2 Percocet in the morning and would be able to somewhat function for a while but I had no life.  My days consisted of trying to find comfort.  I could only sit so long, I could only stand for so long.  I stopped going places because the pain was unbearable at times.  Nights were the worst, the pain was awful when I laid down and sleep was scarce because the pain was so bad.  I even went and purchased a new quite pricy bed that was supposed to help with back paid to no avail.  I listened to everything the doctor told me.  I went to physical therapy, I went to pain management, I had injections and even had the nerves cauterized in my lower back.  After all of this I was still on Percocet with some relief. I was required to sign a narcotics agreement with my doctor and had to come in twice a year for chronic pain appointments which included drug tests.  This on top of my normal annual physical.  During one of  my appointments my doctor and I discussed my quality of life and the fact that I had gained weight since my pain had become so much worse.  I let her know that I would love to be more active but the pain would not allow me.  She upped my meds to 4 Percocet a day and this changed everything.  I was able to work, able to take short walks and become an active member of my life again.  I felt like I was in control and was also able to lose about 50 pounds which unfortunately did not help my pain level but I have felt better now than I have in years.
I received a letter from my doctor a month ago saying that she was leaving the practice and that a new doctor would be taking over her patients.  I immediately sent her an email with my concerns about my current pain med routine and a new doctor to which she assured me everything would be fine.  Today I called in for my refill and received a call back with a referral to pain management.  I told them that there must be some mistake since I have already been through pain management and they told me that this doctor would not be continuing my current regimen.  This is without meeting with me or discussing anything with me.  In the 9 years that I have been taking Percocet, I have never called for an early refill, never taken more than I was prescribed, never "lost" or had a script stolen.  I have never done a thing to abuse my meds.  I am finally to a place where I have my life back and now this doctor that knows nothing about me is saying that narcotics are not the correct treatment for me.  I have tried everything else that they have asked me to and this is the only relief I have ever gotten.  I am so scared of having the full force of my pain back and also of losing the life I have only recently gotten back.  I am at such a loss right now.  Any suggestions or help would be much appreciated.
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This has happened to me...same exact way. My dr had me on a pain regimen and left the office.On my last visit he wrote all my Rx's and told me another Dr would be coming in.I asked would the new dr still prescribe me the same meds and strengths and he told me he had already noted in my chart i was a chronic pain patient of 4 years with no drug seeking behavior and that my regimen be continued. when i went in for my appt the following month,i saw the NP who gave me my scripts for my maintenace medications but not ANY of my pain meds or the prescription of xanax i had been getting since day 1 and from other drs before that. After i insisted i at least see the new dr,she told me that "he did not agree with the regimen the previous dr had had me on for 4 years..None of it. Not even the xanax of which you actually  can die if you suddenly stopped taking. They told me to go to my primary care dr and get a referall for another pain management dr! I was stunned! ..I went to an ER and told them the dilemma where they refilled my xanax and gave me pain medication so i wouldnt go into withdrawl and had SOME pain relief but not much. They gave me a months worth. During that month i DID luckily get reffered to another dr who had no problem continuing my regimen after i showed him paperwork and pharmaceutical printouts of the meds i was taking.

  i know it sucks but the new dr doesent always have to agree with the old one.I would get my ducks in a row,go easy for now on meds so you have soGme and find another dr. Good luck and i hope everything works out.
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Thank you for your post, I cant speak for everyone but I feel like when you are a chronic pain sufferer it can feel quite lonely.  People don't understand what they cant see but if these people could feel my pain for just a little bit it would bring a lot of clarity.  I am so sorry this happened to you because I know how helpless you must have felt at that time.  I am in the process of searching for a new doctor but it is an intimidating process to say the least.  If you have any advice I am open to it, but other than that wish me luck.  Thank you again.
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There are Doctors that should have they"re licenses stripped for NOT prescribing pain meds. Its very inhumane and borders on the criminal.You need to be forcefull and tell the doctor that you have no quality of life. Any Doctor who just wants to give epidurals is not being a good Doctor. Id report a Doctor if they refused me pain meds. I'm undermedicated myself and not happy about it.
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