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Pain Meds from a Walk-In Clinic

a little over 3 years ago i drove my non-insured car off the road and slammed a guard rail and then into a tree. Being that i was slightly intoxicated and illegally driving i did not call the police or report it to anyone. The next day the pain in my lower back and neck and right shoulder was so severe i went to the closest walk-in clinic to my house. The doctor of this clinic asked me many questions and in the end prescribed me #30 30mg Oxycodone pills and told me to see him again in 2-3weeks. I have been going to this same clinic every month now since then and he has increased me up to #60 tablets a month. Even with the increase in meds my quality of life ***** i am in constant pain and have trouble sleeping and working and walking and driving and having fun and etc... you get the picture. I have asked him repeatedly why he has not had me get my shoulder and back X-Rayed and why he does not seem to care about how much worse the pain has become. I need some advice on what to do because he said at my last visit that i need to find a new doctor and that he would no longer prescribe me anything. I want to see a doctor that is going to properly diagnose my problems and then with that properly treat the issues. Any Advice on my dilemma would be appreciated.
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Hi Dylansdad:  I am so sorry to hear of your pain.  I agree you to be diagnosed.  I urge to go to your family doctor or a primary care physician.  He should be able give you a preliminary diagnosis and refer you on to an appropriate specialty doctor.  Perhaps an Orthopedic Spinal specialist, Neurologist or a Pain Management Physician.

But the bottom line is you need to get a firm  diagnosis in order to get your condition treated instead of just the symptoms treated.

I would like to welcome you to our community of chronic pain patients.  We aren't doctors but we support and offer advice to each other.  We're happy to welcome you.  Please do check back.  I'm sure one of our very smart members will be along to offer you better advice.  And welcome.


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First, let me welcome you to the Pain Management Forum. We're very happy that you have found us.

I'm  so sorry about your accident and all of the continuing problems that you have had for the last 3 years. I was really confused about how a Walk-in Clinic would ever prescribe that many strong narcotics for 3 years to a patient without any type of diagnosis until I realized what state you were from. When I saw Florida and I realized all of the problems that you are having down there with all of the Dr.'s that helped explain it. I'm afraid that your walk-in clinic may have cared more about your money than in helping you. You have EVERY right to be concerned that they never took an X-ray or MRI even when you asked.

Do you have a Family Doctor that you all use? If you do you need to contact him first thing on Monday and explain the situation to him and gt the X-ray and MRI done as soon as possible. After that he can access the results and send you to whatever specialist you need and also refer you to a PM (Pain Management) Clinic that is legitimate that can help you with your pain.

I'm so sorry that you have had to go thru this. You need help from your Family Dr. to either give you your prescriptions or to get you to the PM Clinic that can either give them to you or wean you off of them. But it's going to be rough coming off of Oxycodone 30 mg 2 a day.

If you don't have a Family Dr. you need to get a Dr. or contact the hospitals and ask them to recommend a Dr. for you and your family.

I wish you the very best and I hope that you will keep us updated as to how you are doing.

There will be others on here either later today or tomorrow or definitely on Monday (I don't know how slow the weekend will be) that may be able to give you even more suggestions as to what you may do to get some help.

Again I wish you the very best and I'm really glad that you have found us and I'm looking forward to your updates. Good Luck...Sherry
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I want to say welcome to the forum as well. I'm new to the forum but have had chronic pain for a long, long time.

When I read your post I was astounded that any doctor would prescribe 30 mg. oxycodone right off the bat.  Did he prescribe 30 mg. a day or the 30 mg. pill?  I agree you need to get under a doctor's care right away.  You definitely need a diagnosis on your back.  Three years is way too long to be dealing with this without even knowing what it is.  And I also agree that you need to get someone to prescribe your medications and figure out what you need.  What you don't need is to go into withdrawals because this doctor decided to drop you as a patient.  Did he drop you because you questioned him?

But I'm a big believer in all things happen for a reason, and maybe the reason this is happening is to get you to a diagnosis and a doctor who will have your best interests at heart.

To Namnam46, is there a problem with pain clinics in Florida?  I never knew that.  I can't believe doctor's do that on a large scale!  I'm really shocked.  And shocked that a doctor would drop a patient after 3 years without any care that he'll go into withdrawals, never mind his medical condition.  Why aren't there massive numbers of lawsuits against these doctors and clinics?  Or maybe there are.  This is an absolute disgrace.  It's doctors like these that make legitimate doctors fearful to prescribe medications that are really needed for people to function in life with their chronic pain.
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I agree with everyone else.  You need to get checked out by your doctor and find the problem that is causing your pain and hopefully they will be able to repair the damage.  Sherry is exactly right, your doctor treating you cares more for the money then your pain.  
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Hi Mellie,

Yes, in south Florida especially, they have what are referred to as "Pain Mills" and these places ANYONE can go in some require you to bring and X-ray or MRI some don't and for a few hundred dollars they will write a script for anything and any number of pills (in some instances). They are cracking down on them but as soon as they close one down 2 more start up. As the Dr.s in these are arrested they turn around and open up again in another part of the county or city. It's been going on for a VERY long timel

People come from all over the East Coast and the South especially and it's a real mess. Sandee1818 can tell you all about them as she has to live down there and try to get her meds legitimately and as she will tell you it is VERY difficult for the CP Patients that are there. We ALL have it easy compared to those CP Patients in Florida.

That's why I said what I did about the Walk-In Clinics. I don't think that there is a Clinic in the United States that would give that amount of Opiates to any individual for 3 years on a continual basis.

That's why he needs to get to a Dr. and find out what's going on. He may have problems getting anyone to prescribe that amount to him right off the bat so he needs to move on this or he will be facing w/d's very quickly.

Mellie, I'm going to PM you.

Talk to you later...Sherry
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I am a chronic pain patient that has has treatment for a variety of health related problems for years now. I have degenerative discs in my back and neck. Herniated discs, Arthritis in my knees, neck and back and hands. I have under care of Pain Management Doctors for a good number of years now. After several epidural, facet injections and nerve block procedures. Physical Therapy and core strengthening attempts. Surgery for carpel tunnel syndrome, a result of my neck herniation's. It has been determined that the Pain Medication Therapy is the only thing that will help reduce the pain associated with the issues currently.

I have been seeing a Physiatrist Pain Doctor MD and he has had me taking Norco, Morphine and anti inflammatory medication for 3 plus years now. Before that my Regular Family Doctor had me on Darvacet and Motrin for 2 or so years. I recently re-located from another State to Clearwater and for several months have been flying back to see my regular doctors. It now has gotten way too expensive to do so. So I have to find a local Pain Management Doctor close to me here in Clearwater.
I tried looking up a  Physiatrist Pain Doctor in this area but have no idea who is good? A doctor not afraid to properly write prescriptions because of what looks like misuse of power from certain agencies.
So anyways has anyone been seen by a good thorough Pain Doctor here in Clearwater.

I need some advice please.


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I have degenerative disc disease, two herniated disc, one bulging disc, arthritis in my back and fibro.  My doctor retired I was on 30mg of oxycodone and I am having a hard time finding a new Dr. that will prescribe my oxycodone to me.  I went to one pain management clinic and the dr. wanted to do surgery on my back.  I don't want to open up that can of worms.  I live near Tulsa, Ok.  Does anyone know of a Dr. that will prescribe my pain meds?
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I have a statement and then a question. I have always been different than everyone else. The way my mind works is different. I think better but to normal people they would disagree. I got pancreatitis and had to take oxycontin for the pain. It made me feel normal. I could focus on work. I didn't get depressed. It just made me feel like I think other people feel like. Doctors have given me anti depressants and other stuff but they either didn't work or made me suicidal. So my question is this. If there is a medication that makes me feel normal why is it bad that I take it? People take LOTS of drugs daily to feel normal. They take prozac and a tons of other drugs on a daily basis and that is fine. But if I do than I am a drug addict. Actually I guess that was a rhetorical question. The system *****. People are stupid. And I am screwed.
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Any in Baldwin county area
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OMG! I feel the same way. I also have acute chronic pancreatitis. Now have a huge cyst that I can feel on pancreas. An obvious reason for pain. I know your post is 2 years old, probably won't see this. Having even harder time finding a dr to prescribe pain meds so I don't want to jump out of my body from the pain. its a suicidal feeling.
God Bless You, I understand that dark feeling of never ever ending misery, of chronic 24/7 pain. There is a very high number of suicides in chronic pain patents. I dont think there is an answer and its a nightmare when your suffering  so badly. I well pray for you. I live the same misery, there is just no end to this suffering. Maybe Colorado?
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Hello and Welcome to our Pain Management Community. As you noted this is an old thread, almost six years.  I'm sot certain to whom you are addressing you comment - but I have a suggestion. When we set up our Profile Page we have an option to be notified when there is a Message or Note left on the Page. Sometimes non-active members will respond to those notices. I suggest you try that approach.

I also suggest that you begin a new thread - "Post a Question" - you'll obtain better visibility and comments. It's a win-win situation. Your title can be found during an internet search and may even attract non-members. Your new thread should also receive more comments and suggestions from active members. As you can see many of the comments on this thread received no comments - due to it's age it often goes unnoticed.

I'll look forward to reading your new thread. Other Chronic Pain patients face just what you are going through now. We join together to offer suggestions and support. Hope to hear from you soon.

My Best,
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My husband and I are looking for a walk in pain clinic plz help u we need something for pain
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If what you're saying is true (you're saying the walk-in doc won't do xrays?), then for GOD SAKES get to a real doctor! Go to an emergency room if you have to. And, be straight with them, tell them EVERYTHING. NOW!!!!
To ChristNonsense.
I just wanted to let you know this thread is very old.
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