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Pain Mgmt Dr needed...please help me

Hello. I am new to this site, I wish I had found it years ago. It is full of great information and kind people. I am a 44 year old Mom of three boys. I have  two in college and one in first grade:) I just move to North Alabama from Florida, where I saw a pain mgmt dr for several years. I take Methadone for my pain. I have four herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, and Ollier's disease. I have broken my hip and my right knee in the last two years so I have immense pain in my right knee, especially when it's cold. Of course, the pain was managed until I move to Alabama but now I can't find a doctor. I also have rheumatory arthritis. I had back surgery in 1994 for my L4/L5. I went to an accupuncturist in Florida too. I have records and insurance. I have no problem following rules either. If anyone can help me, I will greatly appreicate it.
Thank you,
Curiiousdee aka...dee
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Hi Dee,

Welcome to the Pain Management Forum at MedHelp. I am so glad you found us. I couldn't beleive it when I found this site either. I can attest to the wonderful support and information you will find here. Welcome aboard. It has been a God-sent for me too.

I am sorry that you have so much pain. We know about pain and how it disrupts your life. I am even sorrier that I cannot help you locate a PMP in Alabama. I live in Wisconsin. But there are others here that may have that information. Have you tried goggling "Pain Management Physicians/Clinic" and than inserting the largest city near you and of course your state? It has worked for others. If it takes you a while to get into a clinic be prepared to return to your former physician until you are set up with a new one. Sometimes it can take 6 to 12 weeks, depending on the patient load of the physician/clinic.

Please be aware that responses may be a bit slower than usual due to the Holiday weekend. I will watch your thread for activity and hopefully someone can help you with your request. Please let us know how your search is going. I will look forward to your updates. Peace, Tuck
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Thank you for your encouraging words and help with my search to locate a new physician. I really appreciate your kindness.......curiousdee
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Hi Again Curiousdee,

Have you had any luck locating a PMP in Alabama?? Our CL, Sandee has returned and I am hopeful that she will have more information that I do.

This post will pop your question back to the top where more members will see it.

Take Care, Tuck
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Curiousdee, this is Donna. From Northeast Al. I was looking for a Dr also back in 07. Well, how did you do?
I didn't find anybody. My home is sitting empty up there all paid offam and I'm back in Florida. Its. A damn shame we can't live were we want to. My pain doc took care of me until 09. Then I moved back because I was not going to live in horrible aching,sharp agonizing pain. I love m home up there but my health is more important. Are you still up there? Did you find a Dr? If you did you must have went to huntsville. That's far for me.
Anybody want to buy a new house?
If there is a new Dr that comes in the. Area let me know, otherwise I'm selling or trading m house.
Happy low pain day to all
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