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Pain Vs Talent (Pianist)

I am sure we all have something we can't "do" any more due to our pain.  How do you justify enduring the pain, in order to do something you love...  Is it worth the pain and even possibly further injury, to do something that you love?

I am a pianist...although I am no Beethoven and can't read sheet music (I play by ear), I still do get enjoyment out of playing around on the electronic keyboard and even trying to compose from time to time.  My major problem is the fact that I have arthritis in both my wrists.  I wear wrist splints to minimize the pain but I can't wear them when playing on the piano/keyboard because I need the flexibility in my wrists (The exact same flexibility that causes me pain).

Does anyone here have a similar situation and/or advice?
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Hi 6FT2:

It is sad that pain can take away the things we love so much and in most situations, there really isn't much we can do about it. I would suggest that you try and play a little each day. It doesn't have to be much, just enough to take the edge off of not playing at all.

I was an avid outdoors man (woman) and loved to camp in the remotest of areas. I loved to hike and explore all day long and that is no longer possible. I do miss it very much and would love to someday get back to nature. Right now with my pain, I could care less if I ever get back to it......That's the pain talking.

I really know how you feel, your not alone. Please feel free to send me a Personal Message if you wish. I am always willing to chat to just about everything. Please take care.

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It is my guess that many of us have had to "give up" or curtail doing something we love to do because of the limitations that our chronic pain imposes on us. I had to give up softball (I played on three leagues) and coaching Little League after my MVA. I even had to change careers.

I too play piano, no Beethoven either. And not near good enough to even play in church. But I love it. I use to play most every day. It is painful for me to to sit at the piano so I don't so it as often. But I think it is important to still do the things you love to do, even if it causes increased pain for awhile. When something brings you joy and relaxation I think you should try to continue to keep it a part of your life unless it causes more damage.

Have you tried a less constrictive wrist support just for piano playing? I would ask a Occupational Therapist to see if there is a device that might allow you some flexibility but still provide some support. If there are no options than in my opinion you weight the pro's with the con's and decide if the additional pain is worth the joy of playing?  

Good luck to you. I hope you can find a solution.
Peace, Tuck
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I don't play a musical instrument, but I am a quilter. Or I used to be. I miss being able to hit the flea markets and auctions looking for vintage material, and antique quilts. But the fibro.CFS keeps me from doing just about anything anymore. On top of the fibro/cfs I also have RA and Osteoarthritis, I can't see to thread my needles, and I sew every stitch by hand. The last 2 quilts that I made are in my pics in my profile.

My 3 children who are all grown with children of their own surprised me with a early Mother's Day gift. I am the proud owner of a sparkling red personal scooter. :) :) My oldest son took my jeep and had a lift installed so that  can load it and unload it by myself. I love it!! My younger son had to pt his two cents worth in and painted a sign for the back. It reads" Granny on Wheels, speed up or get the HELL out of the way!!"

Now I can get out instead of being n the house, flea markets here I come.

gentle hugs
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