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Pain ethics

My doctor is having his prescriptions audited right now and he freaked out none the other day I know there addicts that faking and I wish the would stop because it's hurting people like me who don't abuse them and who only go the ER like once a year maybe cause I had too, who gets evil looks when they get a 3rd burn from the stove while cooking dinner and they look at chart and treat me **** I broke my back have chronic migraines chrons  disease, ovarian cysts and ext... Anxiety, PTSD, panic attacks   And worse bit sometimes I think worst part isn't just the pain it's being smart enough to know what your missing out on!!!! I should be finishing grad school I'm not even close cause pain and now being put on different meds that work!!!!! If god wanted me to suffer he sure did a good job!!!!!!'
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I'm a bit lost too. I understand part of it. That your doctor is getting audited, so is he/did he change your prescription? And is the new meds not working?

I also understand the part about being looked at when you go to the ER for reasons other than your chronic pain, they treat you like an addict. I went in once, because my potassium dropped so low that I ended up in ICU for over a week. But it took them forever to get past the "I'm in pain management" part. I swear, its like, when you ask about my daily medications, would you rather I lie to you? I hate that.

I have a MS degree myself, so its kind of even more frustrating because, you know exactly what they're thinking, because of the way they look at you, or they talk to you like your 12 years old and try to say, oh we don't think that at all about you. I just want to scream BALONEY (well not that exact work, but you get the picture) and say, hey lady, I have more education than you, so don't sit there and act like I'm an idiot, just because your a nurse with a 2 year degree, I have 4 more years of education on you, so don't you dare try to placate me.

OK sorry, rant over. Good luck to you.
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Hi, I read your post a few times, and it does not make any sense!

I'm not trying to pick on you, but it LOOKS like you have some important/valid and interesting points to make!

Would you mind taking the time to do a brand new post, but re-read it before you post it?

Just so you know, I do the same thing myself :-)
I will write a big long post, and it doesn't make sense, so I delete it and start over.
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