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Pain everywhere

I have sharp, shooting pain  from my elbows to fingers and from my knees to toes.  It started about 2 months ago with a pain so sharp in my left leg that I couldn't put pressure on it.  The pain comes and goes and may or may not be in all places at once.  Sometimes when sleeping or still for a long period, one side of my body (usually the left) tends to fall asleep, or feel very numb.  I had surgery on my neck 5 years ago.  I had an MRI done 2 days ago and will have the EMG on Thursday. I also have pelvic pain that comes and goes and can be quite severe at times.  I have had ultrasounds and a cat scan.  Doctors think it must be scar tissue. I had a c-section 15 years ago and a hysterctomy 3 years ago.  Sometimes I feel pain on my sides.  I have migraines that sometimes last 3 or more days at least once a month.  Could all these issues be related?  What could be causing the pain in my extremities?
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Hello Thelitle,

Welcome to the Pain Management Forum. I am glad that you found us but sorry to hear about your painful symptoms.

I doubt that the pain from your knees to your feet is related to a spinal problem. Usually spine structure pain doesn't "skip" the upper legs or hips, though I'm sure nothing is impossible. I am thinking more of a circulatory issue in that region. I will be very interested to hear the results of your medical tests.

I can attest to scar tissue (adhesions) causing pain. I would agree that the pelvic pain is in all probability related to your previous surgeries as may be the pain in your sides.

Sometimes migraines can be related to be related to past or present neck misalignment or nerve disruption or inflammation. And of course sometimes migraines can be their own entity. So in my opinion that's a difficult call. However the pain in your elbows and fingers may be also be related to a previous surgery, specifically in your Cervical Spine.

When we have multiple past medical issues they can all carry some left over pain and discomfort or they can redevelop in one degree or another. I have multiple medical issues and pain areas due to numerous injuries from a MVA. Many medical problems were obvious from the moment of impact others have developed as time has passed from a result of the initial injuries. So they are related to the MVA but not related to one another if that makes sense. In my opinion your symptoms are not related for the most part. It sounds to me as if you have had different medical problems that account for your different current problems. But I am not a physician and could be absolutely wrong.  

Please let us know how you are doing. I will look forward with interest to your next post. Good Luck to You, Tuck

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I saw my neurologist today, and he tested my nerves and muscles. Everything was fine.  However, when looking over the results of the MRI of my neck, they noticed something on my thyroid, so now he's doing more tests (ultrasound of thyroid and bloodwork) to determine if that is the source of my pain.
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