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Pain management doctor who prescribes methadone in

Here's a little background. I had a burst fracture of the 3rd lumbar in 1992. I had thousands of bone fragments in my spinal cord. The initial surgury lasted over 32 hours and ended with a large part of my iliac crest, being removed and used to create another 3rd lumbar and hardware for attempted fusion of L2-L3-L4 was completed
My body was rejecting the stainless steel, and after the third debridement surgery, I was told that they werre getting deeper. I almost eneded up with spinal menegitis , but the neurosurgeon aspirated my spine in the ER and I was rushed into emergency surgerey. The hardware had to be removed, leaving me with an instable spine.
I was given a consult for the pain management team, at my hospital. I was placed
on methadone after telling the doctor I had been groggy from the MS-Contin, and was hoping there was something that could treat my pain but leave my mind intact.

I am hoping I might get assistance finding a pain management doctor in Pittsburgh or Philadelphia who would continue to prescribe my methadone.(my mother recently went into hospice and I have been traveling back and forth from the two cities.) The accident, I was a rear seat passenger in a car which hit a telephone pole right where I was sitting. I have a Pittsburgh address, but am looking to possibly relocate to Philadelphia, as that is the area my family is from. I stayed in Pittsburgh after the accident, because my pain doctor was a compassionate person. I would like toe closer to my family

After 35 years my pain management doctor retired, without reffering us to a new doctor. The new pain management office told me they doubted I would be given methadone, when I see the doctor in early Sep.
I am an IT Pro who needs my brain, in order to work the part-time hours I'm able to handle.

I have spinal stenosis, cord damage, scoliosis, xiphoidalgia(new occurance) ribs that dislocate at the 9 & 10 Thoracic region.

Thanks for any assistance in this matter
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Try this website:


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thanks but I couldn't find a single pain management doctor in that
provider search.
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You've got to work it around to find the top prescribers of methadone in your area.

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For instance, here's the top Rx of Methadone in Colorado

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thanks I used your link, changed it to PA and found several doctors.
I wish I had found this site 2 months ago, but fortunately I am preventing myself from going to a known Procedure Mill doctor group who don't believe in even Oxycodone. I almost wasted my time.
Hopefully I can get into one of these pain management places who don't inject[i went through that 22 years ago to no avail] soon.
Thanks again philnoir!
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