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Pain management rules for dismissal

Hello I’m new here but need some answers to a few questions please,, First of all, do pain management doctors have a legal limited of how many chances they give you bfore dismissing you as a opioid patient?? Or is it up to the doctor himself? Also will a new pain dr ,give you a chance to explain what happened and why it happened ,bfore agreeing to become your new pain dr,, my last question is if you take the same amount of meds Oxycodone 10mg 1 every 8 hours ,everyday for past 10years Will your body build up a tolerance to it, an therefore not work like it once did??
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Almost every Pain Management doctor has policies in place for prescribing opiates to a patient.
Generally they are similar to-
1. Obtain scheduled medications only from this office
2. Take medications ONLY as prescribed.
3. Urine compliance testing/pill counts may be ordered randomly. Failure to pass urine or pill counts is immediate grounds for dismissal.
5, Using street drugs/medications not currently prescribed to you will result in automatic dismissal.
6. Do not obtain medications from an ER/other physician. In the event of a medical emergency- notify this office PRIOR to filling or taking medications given by another doctor/ER.
7. Do not self medicate- take more than prescribed without your Drs PRIOR approval.
Tolerance can develop in anyone taking certain types of medications in an ongoing basis.
You asked if another PM doctor may permit you to explain a previous failure of testing- some do- some don’t. It is best to be upfront and honest in all situations with the PM doctors.
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