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Pain management

Hi there,

Thanks for reading my post.  I am a 55 yo guy with chronic back and knee pain. I don't drink alcohol, don't smoke, and don't carry extra weight.  I had an MRI which detected signifiant arthritis and a "very unstable lower back". I also have significant arthritis in my knees.  

My desire is to find ways to think about my pain which can be helpful in reducing its severity.  

I can't take Ibuprofen anymore as I have Kidney disease - disappointing as Ibuprofen was entirely helpful. My doctor prescribed a muscle relaxer and I sent her an email to ask her to up the dose or consider some other form of pain meds.

My doc gave me steroid shots in my knees.  Somehow the right show remains effective but the left knee is pretty uncomfortable.  I have a referral in for a pain doc and understand some sort of implant can be used which allows electrical signals to disrupt the pain?

I'm surprised by the severity of the pain.  If you have any suggestions I'd be happy to read them.  

Thanks much for reading my post.
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Stenosis is a narrowing of either the spinal canal where the spinal cord passes through or there can be stenosis of the foramen- small circular areas between the vertebrae where the nerve roots from the spinal cord exit and branch out to different areas of the body.
Pain management may suggest injections of steroids near the nerve roots to try to reduce inflammation/swelling of nerve roots.
For some they can be helpful, as long as the stenosis is mild or moderate and not impinging the nerve roots.
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Hi TBronson,
Sorry that you find yourself here but glad you found us.
Pain management programs typically use a mixture of different treatment options and in some cases medications to reduce pain.
Sadly when pain becomes chronic- eliminating pain is typically not the goal but rather one of reduction that allows us to perform activities of daily living but keeping pain under relative control.
The spinal cord stimulator is typically used to manage neuropathic pain- it sends electrical impulses through the spinal canal and can reduce nerve related pain. Mechanical pain such as arthritis type pain may require different treatment options - such as nerve ablation which cauterized the small nerve fibers in the facet joints where spinal arthritis is typically worst.
If there is instability of the lower spine may require a referral to a board certified spine surgeon to determine if surgery is necessary to stabilize the spine.
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Thanks for the response.  I have "Stenosis" as well.  I never heard that term before my doc read the MRI.  She said that it was likely the Stenosis and not the Arthritis causing me discomfort..

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