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i had total hysterectomy done on Sept. 1, 2010. The procedure was a da Vinci laparoscopy or a robot assisted lap. and the uterus was removed thru the vagina. I had D& C thru the same procedure done on Feb. 22. 2010 and never had any problems after that but the second one, the hysterectomy, i'm experiencing severe spasms  and pain on the left side of the stomach.  The pain is described as squeezing, tightening feeling  that never stops.  There are times the pain go away but it seems that it's there all the time.  I was diagnosed in my mid20s having IBS, & the pain is the same as before. I rememeber i was prescribed for Tofranil and took the meds for a year, and amazingly, the chronic pain went away although i was still having the alternate diarreha and constipation but no chronic pain.  Right now, i belch all the time, feel bloated and having flatulence. My stool culture, stool O&P, C. Diff. are normal and negative. I informed my Ob/Gyn doc about the pain and she ordered a CT scan.  I'm still waiting for the result bec. i was thinking that if  the result is normal, this pain might be my IBS and planning to see my Gastro doctor. Do you think the Laparoscopy mess up my intestine?  I was ok before the surgery, no pain or whatsoever, now i'm suffering and don't know what's going on inside my body.  My OB doc suspects that it might be adhesion or scar formation inside but she's waiting for the CT result too.  I need your opinion on this doctor and i appreciate your helping me about this pain i'm having right now.  Thank you...
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Hi!  So sorry to hear of your pain.  But I"d like to welcome you to the Pain Management forum.  We're not doctors but we are all in pain management for a variety of reasons.  We advise and support each other through our own experiences.

In addition to the GI problems, you may have developed adhesions.  There area nasty little buggers that bind your intestines and can in general make your life miserable.  A laporascope could confirm this.  They will not show up on traditional imaging.  But it is something to ask about.

Good luck.

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I was thinking 'adhesions' as I read too especially as you describe the pain as a 'tightening feeling  that never stops' - and it occured post hysterectomy.

If indeed it is this - luckily it is very treatable. When I worked as a theatre nurse in gynaecology I remember a  procedure called 'adhesiolysis' - it is a laproscopic day procedure that excises the adhesions, they are cut away to 'free' them up, therefore stopping the pain and the tightening feeling.

You may want to check this out -        http://www.adhesiolysis.org/

Good luck.
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