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In around November of last year 2015, one of my co-workers squeezed me in my rib cage and back area with their hand purposely while giving me a hug assuming she wanted to play around. I wasn't having so much pain before. Only my back was paining be a lot at times or if I stood up a lot. I went to my doctor and he just used a stethoscope on me and told me I was fine. As for my back he wasn't clear on that and thought I had normal back pain and told me to stretch. I had taken Advil but it didn't really help I had gotten some massages and my back still hurts but is doing just a tiny bit better. But my rib cage wasn't hurting too much before only when I touch the bone but now it hurts just a bit, but is doing a little better after icing, heating, using muscle rub and taking advil. I noticed that when sitting or exercising, I would occasionally feel something in my throat, im not sure what it was, maybe it was shortness of breath, but it happened for 2 secs and went away. Now I haven't gotten it yet again.

Is it normal for me to still have pain since November when it is Febuary and is the shortness of breath or symptom normal and is it because caused by this or something else ?

What are good self treatment methods ?

What do you advise me to do ?

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Thanks Guys,
I have gotten it checked out and had x rays done. Everything is good in my ribs and back. After using over the counter medication, it had become better.
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Thanks for the update. I'm happy to hear that things are better for you - and that it was not serious. I'm hopeful that you'll continue to improve.

Please stop in any time. We welcome all input. Feel free to respond to other questions and be active in our community.

My Best to You,
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Hi Zackery,


I agree with Remar, as usual she has offered some good suggestions. I'm not sold on Chiropractors but in your case if your PCP won't help - consulting a Chiropractor can't hurt.

If I am reading your post correctly you are also concerned about a 2 second period of shortness of breath. Is that right? It can be due to so many things including anxiety. If it's happened just once and doesn't repeat I wouldn't be overly concerned with it.

I'd make an appointment with your PCP - express your concerns and impress him with your continued discomfort. If again he dismisses you I wouldn't just consult a Chiropractor - I'd find another PCP. It's important that you have trust in your Provider - and that he is concerned with your well being. Remember you (we) hire our Providers, they work for us and are not doing us a favor by seeing us. They are our employee - contrary to many Provider's attitude.

I hope you'll let us know how you are doing. Your discomfort is important to us. I'll look forward to your updates.

Good Luck,
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No, it doesn't sound normal to be having pain for this long. It might be a good idea to ask your Dr to do an x ray to see if one or more of your ribs were fractured. If that's not the problem then you may have one or more ribs out of place. A chiropractor could help with this. If your Dr refuses to do an x ray most chiropractors will. Since it's been months that this happened I would think if you did have fractured ribs they would be healed by now. That's why I'm leaning towards your ribs being out of place. It can be extremely painful but once the chiropractor puts them back in place it's a huge relief.
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