New to this and using iPad.
My question; I have Ostioarthritis in every joint of my body. Since April I've had pain in my shoulders and upper arms
mostly to elbow.  It travels down to my fingers if I make certain moves. The left arm is worse than the right.
If there is someone who lives in Ontario, Canada that can give me some insight, or anyone no matter where i would be very happy to hear from you.
I am a senior.
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Hi, it sounds like issues related to your cervical spine. I am not a doctor but your symptoms are similar to ones others with C4-C7 degeneration and/or nerve compression have. You might want to have your doctor investigate further... recent Xrays and CAT scan imaging. Other than that... physio can help tons.
Thank you AlberniShel
Sorry to be slow in response, not too sure what I'm doing in nave gating a program. Yes I do have issues with my spine. Neck, middle back and lower back.
Had a mayor car accident 41/2yrs ago and have had all kinds of health issues since.
So I've had every test done including 3 MRIs. But do not know the results.Go to a very good chiropractor. The shoulder and arm issue started last April.
I use Voltaren along with a Kirkland muscle and back pain med. from Costco. That gives me relief for a few hours at least.
A few weeks ago started stretching excersizing but it tires me out with excess pain and am not able to do anything for the rest of the day but rest. Also go swimming when I can.
But enjoy life regardless.
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Hi Lillybell,

Welcome to our Pain Management Community. I am delighted that you found us and took the time to post your concern. Thank you!

When arthritis strikes our spinal column it's often referred to as, DDD - Degenerative Disc Disease. It's exactly what it sounds like, degeneration of discs and often other structures in our spines. The results are pain.

Cervical Spine issues often cause pain on the top of our shoulders and side of neck - pain can also radiate down the arm and into the fingers. I agree with Alberni, this may be the cause of your pain. An MRI will provide you with the correct answers.

I have a C5, C6 issue - the pain can be difficult to manage some days - other days I have little to no pain. I've found what I sleep on (pillow) and in what position can make a difference in my pain level. Heat helps me - though heat can increase swelling in some instances. You may want to try rotating heat and ice to see what feels better.

Most importantly consult your PCP. Be assertive and don't be dismissed with "Oh that's your arthritis." Of course it's probably arthritis but it needs to be evaluated and treatments offered.

If you are not consulting a Rheumatologist I encourage you to do so. They are the true expects in nasty arthritic and inflammatory conditions. They are not afraid to refer you on to a Neurologist or Neurosurgeon if needed.

I hope you'll keep in touch and let us know how you are doing. I'll look forward to your updates.  I hope something we have said has been helpful.

Take Good Care of Yourself,
Thank you for your advice Tuck. And your welcome to this blog.
Are you one of the mediators?
I will ask to see a rheumatologist in the future. Also a geriatric Dr.
Just went to see GP this week about my toes. They are inflamed, curled under, split apart and very sore. Had blood work and X-rays done. Waiting to go to a foot specialist.
Can you also read what I posted to AlberniShel's post? Then I won't repeat myself here.
Have a great weekend.
Thank you again
Hi Lillybell,

To answer your question; No I am not a mediator. I am a Community Leader (CL). We do have a few Moderators that monitor the entire MedHelp site. A CL is an Ambassador of a specific Community(s). We CLs also have a special interest about the subject of our Community.

Yes I can see the entire thread - just as you can.

I too had a major MVA some years ago. I left me with some serious medical and pain issues. Both have gotten worse with time.

Have you had an MRI of your Cervical Spine since your new SX began? Structures can change.

I'll look forward to hearing more from you.

I have been to see my GP when the pain started in my shoulders in April 2015 but she did nothing.
Because I'm dealing with two insc. companies and have a lawyer I had lots of MRIs and other tests. GP would not do anything. She did not want to double up on X-rays.
They're  afraid to say anything because they do not want to become involved.
I do have DDD in three places of my spine. I go to chiropractor and twice a week for stretching exercises. After every session I use Voltaren and take muscle and joint pain meds, go to sleep because of pain and no energy.
For the past 3 days haven't done anything. I have lung and synus
infection but not much pain.
It is strange how ones body changes after an mva.
I also have deafness on left side, tinnitus as well as balance issues to name a few.
Take care Tuck
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I also wanted to welcome you to the Pain forum. You will find the people here to be very nice, caring and knowledgeable. Tuck is our CL and we are so blessed to have her because of her experience, knowledge and compassion.
I'm so sorry that you're going through this. Almost all of us on this forum are dealing with some form of pain so we do understand.
I hope you keep posting here. We're here to help anyway we can.
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I went through something very similar with my GP. A word of caution - some physicians are so concerned when a patient is involved in litigation that it can effect their judgements and care.

The GP or PCP (Primary Care Physician) that I had at the time of my MVA turned out to be a true deficit. He had been my PCP for nine years when I had the MVA. I thought he was awesome.

Sadly he had some strong feelings about litigation and feared he would become involved in it. I had many physicians involved in saving my life including, a 2 thoracic surgeons, infection control specialist, OB/GYN, orthopedic surgeon, gastroenterologist, endocrinologist and more. All of those physicians attested to my injuries and what they saw as lifelong struggles. Most continued to follow me for years. My PCP said I should have no lasting issues and I was faking symptoms. Granted everything he claimed was disputed by the multitude of specialists that extensively documented and verified my claims. I was deemed 70% permanently disabled within the year following my MVA by 2 independent practitioners. The PCP looked like what he was - an idiot that hated lawyers and me!

I tell you this because things were missed that shouldn't have been missed by this PCP. Indeed had I had the right DX and treatment from the get go I may not have ended up disabled - at least not as early. I did continue with a career - refusing to take the disability label for close to 20 years.

Your PCP - sorry GP - may be in the same school of thought as my former PCP. It took my 3 years to realize my PCP was not in my camp and was working behind the scenes to discredit me. I didn't listen to my close friends or attorneys. I had to read all my medical records and hear it from other practitioners before I changed PCPs. Please don't let this happen to you. I would seriously consider changing physicians. Your GPs opinions will greatly affect everything - for year - even if he is wrong. Your medical records follow you wherever you go.

Rather than an x-ray you may require an MRI. You are your own best health care advocate. Be assertive. Insist on answers. You have nothing to apologize for - you deserve the best of care. That includes proper investigations into your pain and correct DX (diagnosis).

Best of luck to you. Please keep in touch my friend in pain. And I also suggest that you request a copy of your medical records - and read them!!! I look forward to hearing from you again - soon.

Take Good Care of Yourself,
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