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hi there, ive been into two accidents and i took physiotherapy, didnt work much, my doctor stopped prescribing me percocet and gave me naproxen, which does not help!
does anyone know a doctor that will prescribe medications similiar to percocets or the drug itself, im already doing my stretches but i prefer to do that while im medicated
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Hello Rerenee,

Welcome to our Pain Management Community. I am sorry to read that you are experiencing chronic pain.

I see you live in Canada. I don't know a lot about your medical delivery system - or the opiate climate. If you were in the USA I would tell you that your chances are slim at finding a physician that will order opiate meds for you unless you consult a PMP Pain Management Physician).

I don't know where your pain is located - or what is your DX (diagnosis). If you have a life-long pain producing condition a PMP may help. Often if this is a condition that will improve with time and/or a bit more conditioning you may have ti tough through it.

There are other NSAIDs that may be more effective for you than the  Naproxen. I never found that particular med very effective either.  I'd ask your MD to try another NSAID.

I hope you'll be successful in finding other options. Please let us know how you are doing. Good luck!

Take Care,
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I agree with Tuck on this. No one but Pain Management Physicians should be prescribing long term opioids. Get your PCP to make a referral to pain management. I would also find a pain management office and get them to start the intake process and evaluation. You also should communicate to your PCP that the Naproxen is not working. It works Peripherally. They should start you on diclofenac. Also ask for a transdermal compound consisting of Ketamine, NSAID, Anesthetic, Muscle relaxant if needed, and Neurolytic if needed. If I knew more about your current pain and injuries I could be more specific. If you are not on antidepressants, ask them for Tramadol with Acetaminophen, which would be much more appropriate. Nucynta is an synthetic (Seratonin Pathway) drug that works very well. Aquatic Physical Therapy should also be considered to help the deconditioning from the accidents.

If you need more specific information, let me know and I will be happy to give you advice. I am well versed in pharmacology, ironically, more so than some doctors.
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